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Drama Down Under

Health Shots

Drama Down Under is a sexual health podcast, hosted by Meghna Kriplani who is the content head at HealthShots, and Dr Niveditha Manokaran, a dermatolo gist and venereologist who works as a clinician in sexual and reproductive medicine in Sydney. From anal sex and sex toys to pubic hair and consent—nothing is taboo on this podcast. Come listen as via personal anecdotes, annals of biology, and practical advice they tell you everything you need to know about your vagina. Because it’s time to talk about this very important part of the female anatomy, minus the sharam and the shame. ...

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Drama Down Under
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3 Episodes
3  Unmasking sexual coercion
18 Feb 2021
18 Feb19 MINS
2 Let's talk female masturbation
12 Feb 2021
12 Feb19 MINS
1 Bush Or No Bush
08 Feb 2021
08 Feb26 MINS