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G Talk is the mission which is solving the most difficult mystery of our lives.  All the ladies out there, Join the army to complete this mission. Let us tell the world that we CAN be solved. (Sorry, zyada ho gaya!) Anyways, I have some supernatural powers to be there for you girls, just tell me everything, any problem, any gossip, any story, or anything. I am listening. And If you are the one who is saying that 'why don't we understand girls' than you should listen to this podcast. This is an HT Smartcast Original....

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G Talk with Deepanshi
00:00 / 00:00
4 Episodes
24 Feb 2021
24 Feb7 MINS
3 From Lunchbox to Chocolate
17 Feb 2021
17 Feb5 MINS
2 Overthinking ke keede ko uda do!
10 Feb 2021
10 Feb7 MINS
1 Trailer - G Talk with Deepanshi
10 Feb 2021
10 Feb4 MINS