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Healthy Zindagi

Healthy Zindagi

Health Shots - HT Smartcast

Health is wealth! We have heard this saying a lot of times but when it comes to taking care of ourselves, we tend to ignore it. But, we need to remember that agar aapki sehat hi khraab hai toh baaki sab bhi gadbad hone ke chances hai! So, to ensure that you always stay healthy, HealthShots is presenting 'Healthy Zindagi, a brand new podcast series. Toh sune aur healthy rahein!

Healthy Zindagi
Healthy Zindagi
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Available Episodes

Curtail your screen time for your vision's Healthy Zindagi
13 Oct 2021

Avoiding gadgets is not possible but curtailing your screen time is. On the occasion of World Sight Day, let's pledge to make small changes in our lifestyle that will bless our eye ... Read more

13 Oct9 MINS
Be aware of the health of your breasts to live a Healthy Zindagi!
07 Oct 2021

Breasts cancer is becoming one of the most common cancers. Unfortunately, our breasts are the most neglected part of our body and that's the reason we often fail to notice any chan ... Read more

07 Oct9 MINS
This World Heart Day, skip hypertension and learn to lead a Healthy Zindagi!
29 Sep 2021

Hypertension or high blood pressure is the biggest enemy of your heart. This World Heart Day, learn everything about hypertension and how you can prevent it with RJ Pooja on Health ... Read more

29 Sep7 MINS
Give up overthinking and learn the way to live a Healthy Zindagi!
15 Sep 2021

Overthinking does not solve problems but can definitely increase your stress level. This week, connect with us to pursue a stress-free healthy Zindagi. Read more

15 Sep10 MINS
Suicides can be prevented and the person can very well lead a Healthy Zindagi!
08 Sep 2021

Suicide is not a solution. It takes you away from your loved ones and robs them of their peace forever. No problem is bigger than your courage to be able to fight it. Listen to thi ... Read more

08 Sep10 MINS
Superfoods are the superheroes of a Healthy Zindagi!
02 Sep 2021

When our lifestyle becomes unhealthy, we must rely on some superheroes to get healthy! Welcome superfoods into your diet to live a healthy Zindagi. Tune in to Healthshots to know m ... Read more

02 Sep11 MINS
Obesity is the biggest foe of a Healthy Zindagi!
26 Aug 2021

Freedom edition of HealthShots is on the verge of a wrap and how can we not touch upon a problem that's so prevalent in our society? Yes, you guessed it right, it's obesity. Obesit ... Read more

26 Aug9 MINS
Are you a workaholic? It's time to press pause for a Healthy Zindagi!
18 Aug 2021

Being dedicated to your work is not wrong but making it your life can be troublesome. Most of us work round the clock for different reasons but we forget that being a workaholic ca ... Read more

18 Aug11 MINS
Get azadi from a toxic relationship to lead a Healthy Zindagi!
11 Aug 2021

August is all about freedom. Azadi from health woes, including mental health problems, is our right! That's why in this episode of Healthy Zindagi, we're going to talk about someth ... Read more

11 Aug9 MINS
Breastfeed your babies for their Healthy Zindagi!
04 Aug 2021

World Breastfeeding Week is being celebrated across the globe! Mothers from all walks of life are coming out to normalise the idea of breastfeeding. This is actually the need of th ... Read more

04 Aug12 MINS
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