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Mint Climate Change Tracker

Mint Climate Change Tracker

Mint - HT Smartcast

Cities like Mumbai will be regularly submerged by 2050. At around the same time, most of Himalayan glaciers will vanish. The world could heat up by 4 degrees Celsius by 2100. We are facing a crisis. Hosted by Bibek Bhattacharya (Twitter: @sarvatathagata), Deputy Editor, Mint Lounge, Mint Climate Change Tracker is a weekly podcast about the challenges posed by a rapidly heating planet. Also follow Bibek's weekly column in Mint Lounge, the Climate Change Tracker, with #MintClimateTracker.

This is a Mint production brought to you by HT Smartcast.

Mint Climate Change Tracker
Mint Climate Change Tracker
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Available Episodes

17: India's green economic recovery I An interview with Navroz K. Dubash I Climate Change and Policy

In this episode, host Bibek Bhattacharya speaks to climate policy expert Navroz K. Dubash about India's post-pandemic economic recovery and using policy for climate resilience. Read more

05 Jun16 MINS
16: Cyclone Amphan and Climate Change I Interview with Roxy Mathew Koll I Locust Attack

In this episode, host Bibek Bhattacharya speaks to climate scientist Roxy Mathew Koll to understand how climate change supercharged Cyclone Amphan, bleached coral reefs and brought ... Read more

29 May16 MINS
15: Covid-19 is a dress rehearsal for Climate Change I An interview with Shloka Nath of India Climate Collaborative I The importance of collective action

In this episode, host Bibek Bhattacharya talks to Shloka Nath of the India Climate Collaborative about the importance of the group effort, how the poorest are hit the hardest by bo ... Read more

22 May16 MINS
14: A New Season I Climate Change and Covid-19 I Why Science Matters

In the first episode of Season 2, host Bibek Bhattacharya talks about the effect of climate change on epidemic diseases and why our response to climate change should be guided by s ... Read more

15 May12 MINS
13: The Season Finale | Book recommendations | Podcast recommendations

 In the final episode of Season 1, host Bibek Bhattacharya gives a shoutout to three of his favourite books on Climate Change and the environment as well as a podcast recommendatio ... Read more

21 Feb9 MINS
12: The Cost of Climate Change | Climate Change mitigation | Financial loss

Some people say that climate change mitigation is too expensive. But if we don't spend now, we will have to pay a steeper cost later. In this episode, host Bibek Bhattacharya discu ... Read more

14 Feb10 MINS
11: What is Climate Change denial? | Climate Change hoax | Heating planet

When you hear someone say, "Climate Change is a hoax", this is climate change denial. In this episode Bibek Bhattacharya talks about how this works and how we can counter this with ... Read more

07 Feb11 MINS
10: Declining Himalayan snow cover | Biodiversity | Climate Change

Winter snowfall sustains Himalayan communities as well as high mountain biodiversity. But Climate Change is playing havoc with seasonal cycles. Find out more with host Bibek Bhatta ... Read more

31 Jan8 MINS
9: The Climate Change Blues | Health Crisis | Mental Health

One of the biggest health crises posed by Climate Change is about mental health. Yet, this is something that is little studied, especially in India. Host Bibek Bhattacharya talks a ... Read more

24 Jan9 MINS
8: The Health of India's Forests | Forest cover | Forest fire

We keep hearing that India's forest cover is going up. What does this mean? And what does this hide? In this episode, host Bibek Bhattacharya discusses the health of India's forest ... Read more

17 Jan11 MINS
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