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Mint Climate Change Tracker

Mint Climate Change Tracker

Mint - HT Smartcast

Cities like Mumbai will be regularly submerged by 2050. At around the same time, most of Himalayan glaciers will vanish. The world could heat up by 4 degrees Celsius by 2100. We are facing a crisis. Hosted by Bibek Bhattacharya (Twitter: @sarvatathagata), Deputy Editor, Mint Lounge, Mint Climate Change Tracker is a weekly podcast about the challenges posed by a rapidly heating planet. Also follow Bibek's weekly column in Mint Lounge, the Climate Change Tracker, with #MintClimateTracker.

This is a Mint production brought to you by HT Smartcast.

Mint Climate Change Tracker
Mint Climate Change Tracker
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Available Episodes

7: The Trouble With Fashion | Greenhouse Gases | Fashion Industry

The global fashion industry is one of the biggest emitters of greenhouse gases and a threat to biodiversity. Here's what the industry is doing to change things. Read more

10 Jan10 MINS
6: The Importance of Hope | UN Summits | Climate Crisis

It's 2020, and time to look forward with the hope that we will be able to beat the Climate Crisis after all.  In this episode, host Bibek Bhattacharya discusses two UN summits late ... Read more

03 Jan9 MINS
5: What did we learn in 2019? | Global Heating | Citizen's Protests

2019 has been a momentous year for the climate crisis. This year we found out just how much time we have, we saw the effects of global heating all around the world, we saw governme ... Read more

27 Dec8 MINS
4: When governments don't deliver | Carbon emission | UN council

In this episode, we look how nations that top the carbon emission charts are failing to cut their emissions. Read more

20 Dec8 MINS
3:  How governments ignore the Climate Crisis | Fossil Fuels | World Governments

 In the latest episode of Mint Climate Change Tracker, Bibek Bhattacharya looks at what governments around the world are doing to tackle the climate crisis. Short answer: not much. Read more

13 Dec9 MINS
2: What are Greenhouse Gas Emissions and why should we care? | Industrial Emissions

What are Greenhouse Gas Emissions, and how are they wrecking our planet? In the latest episode of the Mint Climate Change Tracker, host Bibek Bhattacharya tracks how in just 60 yea ... Read more

06 Dec8 MINS
1: Welcome to the Climate Crisis | Climate Emergency | Global Temperature

The first thing we need to do to tackle climate change is to change the way we talk about it. Let's call it what it really is, a crisis. In this episode, Bibek Bhattacharya @sarvat ... Read more

29 Nov7 MINS
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