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Tales from Delhi

Tales from Delhi

Hindustan Times - HT Smartcast

In this podcast, Shiv Sunny, an on-ground reporter with Hindustan Times, brings to you stories straight from the streets of Delhi. These are everyday accounts of survival, of inspiration, and of change. But, to what extent? That's for you to decide. All he attempts to do is become a medium for the stories to do the talking.This is a Hindustan Times production, brought to you by HT Smartcast.

Tales from Delhi
Tales from Delhi
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Available Episodes

6: Insurance claims & suicide
23 Jun 2020

In today's episode, host Shiv Sunny is going to tell you two very sad stories about men in debt who took extreme steps so that their families could get the life insurance claims an ... Read more

23 Jun9 MINS
5: To do or not to do at Delhi's Labour Chowks
16 Jun 2020

This episode is about the problems faced by workers at Delhi's labour chowks after the lockdown. They can either choose to toil for little money or return home without any work. Read more

16 Jun9 MINS
4: Even ticket cancellation is a woe
02 Jun 2020

What happens when ticket booking counters run out of cash for refunds? In this episode, your host @shivsunny addresses how ticket cancellation can lead to almost a desperation for ... Read more

02 Jun8 MINS
3: Murders in the midst of a lockdown
26 May 2020

While people are dying of the virus every day, there are some who are taking advantage of this pandemic to commit murders. In this episode, your host @shivsunny, unravels the story ... Read more

26 May8 MINS
2: A tiff between landlords and tenants
19 May 2020

The pandemic brought along a cash crunch not only for the landlords but also for the tenants. Forcing the tenants for rent may seem like a fair option but it can now land the landl ... Read more

19 May9 MINS
1: A Covid-19 Story | 'Pizza Delivery Man' | The common man
12 May 2020

Corona is affecting the young and the old alike. What matters is how, we as a society, deal with it. Come, let's roam the streets of Delhi with @shivsunny, to find out how an old m ... Read more

12 May10 MINS
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