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What do you meme?

Using his trademark wit and humor, RJ Aniket brings you a show that helps you keep up with the ever-changing world of memes. Baby Yoda or the Doge of yesteryears, What Do You Meme has you covered. This is a Radio One production, brought to you by HT Smartcast....

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What do you meme?
What do you meme?
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6 Episodes
6 6: Baby Yoda meme!
19 Apr 2020
19 Apr6 MINS

The only baby pictures we like - Nah love! Baby Yoda pictures!In this episode of What Do You Meme with RJ Aniket, he breaks down the latest Baby Yoda meme for you!

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5 5: The Elepenguin meme!
13 Apr 2020
13 Apr5 MINS
4 4: Phineas and Ferb meme
23 Feb 2020
23 Feb4 MINS
2 2: Lady vs Cat meme
09 Feb 2020
09 Feb4 MINS
1 1: Ok Boomer!
02 Feb 2020
02 Feb4 MINS