5 reasons to invest in Podcast Advertising

Advertising is an evolving field. With the introduction of digital advertising, the market has broadened and diversified to a large extent. There are numerous kinds of digital advertising methods businesses can use..

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Top 5 Trends in Podcasting

Storytelling has been our favourite past-time for centuries but thanks to technology, we have now access to the good old storytelling in visual, written and audio formats too. While newspapers and television..

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Why Podcasts?

The word podcast was 1st coined in 2004, where ‘pod’ came from iPod and ‘cast’ came from broadcast. In a nutshell, a podcast is a digitally accessible, on-demand audio show. Over the..

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Top 5 podcasts for your daily commute

Let’s face it. Long commutes are never pleasant. Whether it means being stuck in traffic or surrounded by hundreds of people in the metro, train or bus. Reading becomes a hassle. Trying..

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