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India is World’s 3 rd largest podcast-listening market after China & the US


PWC estimates monthly listenership of ~40m; expected to rise up to ~170m by 2023

listen 75%

75 percent podcast listeners are millennial and Gen Z audience in the age group of 18-34


Mobile devices contribute to 90% of data consumption


More than 8,50,000 active podcasts & 30 Mn podcast episodes.

$1 Bn

Ad spend in US on podcasts to exceed 1 bn$ by 2021.


Top 5 most popular podcasting genres comprise of Society and Culture, Business, Comedy, News and Politics, Health.


US population is familiar with the term podcasting.

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The world has found its way back to the most primitive storytelling format — the spoken word — thanks to technology. Podcasts, or audio shows on the internet that can be listened to on a smartphone, have turned into a popular form of storytelling. If you would either like to do a podcast with us or plan them in your media mix as a marketer, or just send us your feedback, write to us at

Build your own loyal listenership

If you want to do a podcast with us on a topic of your choice, do reach out to us.

Branded Content

The whole content is created exclusively for the brand. Try a 13 episode series to begin with.

Pre roll, mid roll, post roll

Pre roll is an ad stitched at the beginning of the podcast, mid roll in between and post roll at the end.

Podcaster mentions

The podcaster mentions the name of the brand while podcasting.

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