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Tez Taraar

Tez Taraar

Fever FM - HT Smartcast

If you are a bike lover or a car lover or even if you just want to be updated with what’s new in the auto world, which vehicle is better than the other, or which vehicle is at the top trending in the auto world then this podcast is for you. Host Bhawani Singh will bring to you all the insights from the automobile industry including the latest news, top updates, tips and tricks, and so much more. He will also draw back the curtains on the most commonly asked questions and queries about your favourite vehicles. Tune in now!

This is Fever FM production, brought to you by HT Smartcast.

Tez Taraar
Tez Taraar
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Available Episodes

Truth or Myth - Does synthetic oil usage in engine cause leaks?

In this episode, Rj Bhawani will talk about Auto- Updates. Also, he will tell some types of Engines in cars. Does synthetic oil usage in engines cause leaks? Tune in now to know mo ... Read more

31 Jan7 MINS
Car Maintenance: Things Every Car Owner Should Know

In this episode, host Bhavani will tell some tips on increasing the life of your car. Also, you will get the latest auto-world updates where the host talks about the car Tata Punch ... Read more

23 Jan10 MINS
Why to choose Electric Two-Wheelers?

In this episode of Tez Taraar, host Bhawani will talk about Electric Two-Wheelers available in the market. Tune in to know about the latest updates of Auto-World and much more. Read more

17 Jan7 MINS
Are you planning for the ROAD TRIP?

In this episode of Tez Tarrar, host Bhawani will share the Auto World updates. Also, the new features in cars. How to make your long trips hassle-free? Tune in to know more! Read more

09 Jan11 MINS
Power steering or Electric steering?

In this episode of Tez Tarrar, host Bhawani Singh will talk about car steering and which is a good option - power steering or electric steering. Tune into this episode to know the ... Read more

26 Dec8 MINS
Electric Bikes & Scooters in India 2022

In this episode, RJ Bhawani talks about Electric Bikes & Scooters in India in 2022 and how the future is looking bright for it. Tune in to this episode to know more about Merce ... Read more

19 Dec7 MINS
What should not be kept on the dashboard of the car?

In this episode, RJ Bhawani will tell you about the upcoming Auto Expo 2023 and also about a new company that will launch put its feet in the auto industry. Tune in to this episode ... Read more

13 Dec10 MINS
What are Hybrid Cars and why they are going to be big?

In this episode, RJ Bhawani talks about Hybrid cars and all that they have in their system. Tune in to this episode to know all the auto updates of the week. Read more

05 Dec7 MINS
How to Take Care of your Car in Winters?

Host Bhawani Singh is back with another episode of Tez Taraar and this time around, he shares tips and tricks to maintain cars during winters. Cars, like our bodies, require some a ... Read more

28 Nov10 MINS
Accessories for a Safe Cycling Experience

In this episode of Tez Taraar, host Bhawani Singh talks about the various accessories which can be used to ensure a safe and secure cycling experience. Not to forget that the lates ... Read more

22 Nov8 MINS
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