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Yeh Podcast Vodcast Kya Hai

Yeh Podcast Vodcast Kya Hai

HT Smartcast Originals

Do you want to start, sustain, popularise and monetise your own podcast?

Yeh Podcast Vodcast Kya Hai is a go-to guide for all podcasters and professionals who are looking to enter the Indian Podcast Industry.

After acquiring 50 million listens and counting on her podcasts, on this show, Deepti Ahuja, interviews experts from all over the world, shares tips, facts and trends in an attempt to guide you into this fascinating medium of podcasting!

Yeh Podcast Vodcast Kya Hai
Yeh Podcast Vodcast Kya Hai
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Available Episodes

How to create content for different mediums | Explains Devina Gupta, Senior Presenter, BBC News

The creator economy is here! And from CXOs to students, from influencers to journalists - it is affecting us all. Between the rush of getting there first, creating content for diff ... Read more

06 Jun29 MINS
Frequently Asked Questions On Podcasting

The concept of podcast and podcasting isn't really new. It has been around there for nearly two decades, but it's only recently that the format has increasingly evolved and gained ... Read more

02 Jun11 MINS
How to boost your creativity as a podcaster ?

Not all days are the same, and there can be times when we feel creatively fatigued & nothing seems to be coming out of our brain. But trust us on this, it's completely fine to ... Read more

25 May13 MINS
How to get rid of the Creative Mental Block as a podcaster?

Creating content puts you at risk- you strive to create quality content, work hard to get everything right, and never know how your audience is going to react to it. A content crea ... Read more

17 May24 MINS
All about distribution, marketing and visibility of your podcast

In the episode of Yeh Podcast Vodcast Kya Hai, Shikhar Varshney and Snigdha Menda from the Distribution, Ops and Marketing team of HTSmartcast with Deepti Ahuja, Podcast producer & ... Read more

27 Apr44 MINS
The skill of editing your podcast episodes | Advanced techniques in post-production | Bonus Episode

Podcast editing is perhaps the most critical step in creating a podcast involving both the scientific and the artistic sides of the brain. It ensures that your podcast sounds profe ... Read more

19 Apr10 MINS
An introduction to podcast post-production with Sanju & Diksha, Audio Engineers, HT Smartcast

In this episode of Yeh Podcast Vodcast Kya Hai, Deepti Ahuja, Podcast producer & Coach talks to Sanju & Diksha - The Audio Engineers of HT Smartcast. Where the both of them ... Read more

05 Apr34 MINS
How To Start Your Own Podcasting Company | A conversation with Mae Thomas'

In this episode of Yeh Podcast Vodcast Kya Hai, Deepti Ahuja, Podcast produce and coach talks to Mae Thomas - the founder of the Maed in India podcast talks about how can you start ... Read more

28 Mar26 MINS
Indian Podcasting ek Global POV se | A conversation with Mae Thomas

In this episode, Deepti Ahuja, Podcast producer, and coach talks to Mae Thomas - founder of the Maed in India podcast. Mae explains how audio generated on a national and internatio ... Read more

22 Mar21 MINS
Podcasting of, by and for Women of Colour | A manual by Elsie Escobar

What are some of the key issues the podcast communities seem to be facing and how can we rectify them? What kind of habits can a budding podcaster introduce in their everyday life ... Read more

17 Mar34 MINS
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