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Property Moguls

Property Moguls

HT Smartcast Originals

Shall I buy a home of my own or invest in real estate as an asset class? Which city in India is best for real estate investment? What are smart homes? Should I buy or rent commercial properties for my business? If these kinds of questions boggle your mind then the Property Moguls podcast - produced by HT Smartcast - is here to the rescue!

Embark on your real estate journey with Property Moguls, the essential podcast for Indians on the rise. In this audio series, host, AR Hemant takes you on a dynamic exploration of the 1 trillion dollar Indian real estate scene, where dreams become reality.

Tune in weekly for insightful conversations with industry pioneers, sharing actionable strategies for smart, informed and ethical investing in homes, offices, and beyond. From crafting your ideal space to scaling your business and building your portfolio, Property Moguls empowers you to navigate the market with confidence and finesse.

Join us as we dive deep, learn fast, and build big – one property at a time.

Property Moguls
Property Moguls
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Available Episodes

Your Sarkari Home Loan isn’t as cheap as you think it is!

The costs of homeownership are high. We need home loans to make such dreams possible. But did you know, the biggest cost component of your home ownership process is the loan intere ... Read more

21 May11 MINS
Where to Get the best Home loan offers

The Home Loan market in India is a 2.68 trillion rupee market and it’s doubling every 5 years. Since the beginning of the pandemic people have been able to buy multiple homes. It’s ... Read more

14 May28 MINS
Build your Real Estate Empire

By listening to Property Moguls, the real estate podcast with AR Hemant. Hemant is a two-time homeowner who thinks buying is better than renting, and he’s not about to let influenc ... Read more

13 May1 MINS


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