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11 effective marketing strategies to promote your podcast

  • Distribute your podcast via third-party platforms such as Sticher, Spotify, Apple Podcast, Kuku FM, JIO Saavn, Castbox, and all other podcast platforms
  • Convert all the episodes of your podcast to YouTube, Instagram, and FB videos. This is important to increase the discoverability of your podcast content.
  • Transcribe the audio content of your podcast for better SEO discoverability. Since Google does not crawl and index audio content, in order to make your podcast content discoverable when a user searches for that particular content
  • Write good podcast episode titles that will increase the click-through rate of the podcasts and ultimately lead to more listens
  • Network within the community of podcasters via conferences, webinars, meetings. It is very important to spread brand awareness about your podcast through word of mouth and hence attending such social events helps to meet this objective.
  • Join forums relevant to the genre of your podcast. For example, if you have started a podcast on healthy lifestyle, join forums on Reddit and lead the conversations.
  • Promote your podcasts on social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Your major target audience is active on these channels, so make sure you communicate new episode alerts via these channels.
  • In order to generate curiosity among your listeners, capture behind the scenes, post interesting snippets from the podcast, for generating interest and driving repeat engagement.
  • Leverage the social media influence of your guests.
  • Run giveaway contests on your social media channels to drive engagement.
  • Write podcast-themed blog content to improve the SEO for your website and discoverability of your content.


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