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Crafting Bharat: A Startup Guide

Crafting Bharat: A Startup Guide

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Anyone who has gotten their hands dirty in the grind will tell you that starting a business may seem dreamlike, but maintaining it can be nightmarish. It was never gonna be easy, but remember... Every billion-dollar company was once a small startup.

Welcome to Crafting Bharat, a podcast series featuring riveting stories and game-changing conversations with entrepreneurs dominating the Indian startup landscape. Join the host Gautam Srinivasan on this exciting journey as he delves into the heart and brain of thriving startups and learns about some of the most unique products and services in India, only on Crafting Bharat: A startup guide, powered by AWS.

Crafting Bharat: A Startup Guide
Crafting Bharat: A Startup Guide
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In this episode of Crafting Bharat, hosted by Gautam Srinivasan, Rishabh Sood, Co-Founder and CTO of BluSmart, shares the story behind building India's first all-electric ride-hail ... Read more

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No More Waiting With Chalo

In the inaugural episode of Crafting Bharat: A Startup Guide, our host Gautam Srinivasan delves into the intricate journey of creating a successful technology-driven bus transport ... Read more

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