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5 reasons to invest in Podcast Advertising

The field of podcast advertising is relatively nascent, as a result of which there is less competition than other advertising avenues out there. Investing in podcast advertising provides businesses with the opportunity to reach a fast growing, targeted audience at a minimal cost. Let’s look at 5 reasons to invest in podcast advertising:

Choice of the Right Audience

To make advertisements on podcasts a successful avenue to grow business, choosing the right podcast with the right audience to advertise is important so that budget isn’t wasted targeting the wrong audience. Furthermore, it is this very audience that recommends the podcast through word of mouth. Consequently, the number of brand advocates only goes up.

Better Engagement of Listeners

Podcast ads are most commonly read by the podcaster and integrated into the podcast itself. This method of putting ads directly into the show allows listeners to be introduced to a product naturally as if it is part of the content of the podcast. Advertising through podcasts also builds trust and credibility between listeners and your brand, especially if they aren’t already aware of the brand.

Boost in Brand Loyalty and Recall

To be able to do a podcast, it is important for the podcaster to hold the attention of the listeners. And for this purpose, flawless speaking skills, an engaging content and fluid narration is required. When it comes to advertising, this is exactly who you want representing your brand. Branded content in podcasts allow podcasters and advertisers to offer a new approach to marketing using a genuine story or experience. This, in turn, boosts brand loyalty and recall.

Less Control Over Ads by Big Corporations

Podcast ads are not controlled by big corporations like Google and Facebook. This allows podcast ads to have a degree of creativity, instead of being regulated strictly. Furthermore, the content and structure of the ads have more room and freedom to operate outside the regular conventions applicable to traditional ads.

Absence of Ad Blockers on Podcasts

122 million people in India use tools equipped with ad blockers. Ad blockers allow streaming online without any interruption of ads. Furthermore, premium accounts on audio streaming sites have made it easy for people to skip, ignore, or block out ads altogether. Podcasts ads, on the other hand, are impossible to ignore due to their integration within the podcast itself.

While podcast advertising may not be the only form of advertising you choose, it certainly offers a new way to target and reach consumers who voluntarily choose to have a regular, ongoing experience with your brand. In addition, the advertising you do on podcasts will stay, hence, giving your ads a longer shelf life. Lastly, podcast advertising is the most intimate form of advertising. It is as if someone is putting the voice of your brand in your consumer’s ears. So podcasts are here to stay, what role are you going to play?



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