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Best Dating Advice from Relationship Expert – Rahul Makin

Dating and Relationship Advice from Love Coach Rahul Makin
Dating and Relationship Advice from Love Coach Rahul Makin

Dating in the modern world is becoming more and more complex.  Some are acing it while some are still figuring it out . Dating advice has become the most popular favour to ask from friends

If you’re someone who is figuring it out, the first thing you should know is that it is totally ok to not be a pro at dating-  to not be able to impress your crush on your first dates or to be in a dilemma about polygamy in relationships. It is very normal.

People do say that you can’t do stuff right without practice. However, that doesn’t mean that if you are going on your first ever date, or having your first-ever long-distance relationship, or your first-ever heartbreak,  you are bound to mess up.

You don’t have your experiences to draw inspiration from, but you do have others.

What you really need is not more months in the field but dating tips and advice from people who have been there & done that.

And who else than the beloved Love Coach, Rahul Makin to help you figure out dating and relationships.

And so, Rahul Makin, India’s favourite Love Coach brings to you a podcast tailor-made for your needs, your questions! From love, ex, sex, dhokha, he will cover it all. So that you are dating ready for the modern world. Tune into it the F Wala Pyaar Podcast now. 

Common Dating Questions and Mistakes – Dating Advice


Dating Advice  #1 – How to approach a girl ?

Tips –

  1. If you like any particular girl, then you can start with subtle flirting to know how she is responding to it.
  2. At times, there will be signs that will tell you that the girl is interested in you.
  3. In your first meeting, be bold to introduce yourself since girls like boys who are bold and outgoing.
  4. Exchange frequent smiles in the corridors of your office or college
  5. Do not forget to shower them with compliments. At times compliments can be great ice breakers as well.


Remember to not be creepy, don’t ever flood somebody with attention. That would eventually lower your worth in front of the other person. Try to keep yourself just a little elusive, so that your love interest doesn’t lose interest in you. 

In case you want to hear it directly from the Love Coach Rahul Makin – tune into the Flirting Waala Pyaar episode of F Wala Pyaar. 

He shares his pro tips of approaching a girl and brings on board his colleague  RJ Aakriti to share her experiences and opinions with regards to flirting and approaching a girl. 

Dating Advice #2 -Why does friendzone happen and how to avoid it?

Friendzone! It’s not a new word in a lover’s dictionary. We all may have said this or heard from our friends “Yaar friendzone kar diya usne.”

Tips :

  1. The foremost tip to avoid getting friendzoned from your love interest is to avoid treating them just like a friend.
  2. Compliment them like a boyfriend would, use strong words like attractive and stunning.
  3. The underlying point is that she/he would treat you like a friend if you treat them like one.
  4. Make them believe that you have other friends and commitments as well, just don’t be available all the time like a friend would.
  5. Be a little unpredictable and just see the magic. Your crush wouldn’t be able to resist getting attracted to you.

If you are curious to know how Bollywood films like Maine Pyaar Kiya have accelerated this trend of friendzone and hear some amazing friendzone anecdotes shared by the Love Coach, Rahul Makin himself tune into the Friendzone Waala Pyaar episode of F Wala Pyaar Podcast .

Dating Advice #3– How to respond when someone proposes you? – 

There are times when somebody proposes to you unexpectedly and you don’t know how to respond. Feelings are fragile at their end and the situation must be handled carefully so as not to complicate things later in life.


  1. The first thing to reflect on is your feelings, and your intuition whether the relationship is going to work out in the long-term or not.
  2. If you already have had a sour experience with dating an office colleague in this respect, then you must know that Office Relationships are not for you. This can be because maybe if anything goes wrong you still have to see that person every day and work with them. This can even hamper the work environment.
  3. If you do not have feelings for the person proposing you, then you have to be gentle in turning their proposal down.
  4. You can at times start feeling guilty and pressured to say I Love You back but that will just make matters worse.
  5. You must be practical and try to tell the other person that you value them, but already are in some commitment or maybe are not looking to start something new.
  6. Do not give them false hopes at all by saying that You’re not ready yet. That will just make them check up on you after a month, a year or so and when they get turned down even then, the disappointment and embarrassment they would face would be very brutal.

You will become better at handling proposals with practice, but then who wouldn’t want to pick the brains of our Love Coach, Rahul Makin who is able to very gracefully say no and maintain healthy relationships with the concerned persons after that as well. For dating advice on tackling proposals be sure to tune into Propose Waala Pyaar episode of  F Waala Pyar Podcast. 




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