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F wala Pyaar

Even though love is universal everyone speaks a different love language. And so, Rahul Makin, India's favourite Love Coach brings to you a podcast tai lor-made for your needs, your questions! From love, ex, sex, dhokha, he will cover it all. So that you are dating ready for the modern world. This is a Fever FM production, brought to you by HT Smartcast....

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F wala Pyaar
F wala Pyaar
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8 Episodes
8 Online wala pyaar
24 Sep 2021
24 Sep9 MINS

Online Dating! Online dating have set a new norm nowadays. It maybe very exciting and thrilling but at the same time it can be a little dangerous. All you need to do is to take precautions and work wi ...

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7 One-sided wala pyaar
10 Sep 2021
10 Sep12 MINS
6 One night stand wala pyaar
06 Sep 2021
06 Sep16 MINS
5 Attraction Wala Pyaar
28 Aug 2021
28 Aug19 MINS
4 Office wala pyaar
20 Aug 2021
20 Aug15 MINS
3 Flirting wala pyaar
14 Aug 2021
14 Aug14 MINS
2 Friendzone wala Pyaar
06 Aug 2021
06 Aug17 MINS
1 Consent wala Pyaar
30 Jul 2021
30 Jul14 MINS