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F wala Pyaar

F wala Pyaar

Fever FM - HT Smartcast

Even though love is universal everyone speaks a different love language. And so, Rahul Makin, India's favourite Love Coach brings to you a podcast tailor-made for your needs, your questions! From love, ex, sex, dhokha, he will cover it all. So that you are dating ready for the modern world. This is a Fever FM production, brought to you by HT Smartcast.

F wala Pyaar
F wala Pyaar
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Available Episodes

How to accept your partner's past?
24 Jun 2022

All of us do carry a baggage of our past, our sour, sweet and bitter memories from our past relationships. We move on and try to start a new life with someone else, we try to move ... Read more

24 Jun14 MINS
How do I initiate a conversation with my crush over text?
20 Jun 2022

Taking the initiative to text that cute guy or girl you're kind of into can be tough– especially when you have no valid reason to start speaking with them. Using cheesy pick-up lin ... Read more

20 Jun10 MINS
Things That Your Partner Wants From You But May Never Ask You
16 Jun 2022

In general, partners are rarely vocal about what they want or how they'd like to be treated, or what their needs are. Thus, knowing your partner's secret desires is good for you. I ... Read more

16 Jun11 MINS
What To Do When Your Boyfriend Is Mad At You?
03 Jun 2022

It is very common for couples to fight and argue in a relationship. It is inevitable that two people will disagree over the smallest of things or some serious issues when they deci ... Read more

03 Jun12 MINS
How To Be More Expressive In Relationships ?
20 May 2022

Emotion is an integral part of being human and being alive. It plays a super important role in deepening & strengthening your relationships. And whether good or bad, one should ... Read more

20 May14 MINS
Signs That Your Relationship May Be on Its Last Breath
13 May 2022

Getting over loved ones in your life is not easy, and moving on from a romantic connection requires strength and self-compassion. However, it doesn't mean you have to give up on lo ... Read more

13 May13 MINS
In relationships, what are things you can do to deal with the age gaps?
06 May 2022

In most of the relationships, there is always some age gap, say 2,3, or maybe 5 years. And when there is an age gap there are always different ideologies, different ways of seeing ... Read more

06 May14 MINS
Teenage Love - Dos and Don'ts
29 Apr 2022

Our Love Coach Rahul Makin with Ayushi, is here to teach us the do's and dont's of teenage relationships. The difference between attention, attraction and love and how all these th ... Read more

29 Apr11 MINS
How To Say No?
22 Apr 2022

Before making a major decision, it is said, one should follow his or her gut instinct, and in the case of selecting a life partner, the advice is even more relevant. However, It’s ... Read more

22 Apr12 MINS
What to do after the 1st date?
18 Apr 2022

First dates are often filled with butterflies, nervousness, and excitement. You can be super confused as to where it is headed, but we're here to help you with that. Tune in to thi ... Read more

18 Apr9 MINS
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