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Best podcasts to listen to while you work from home

Since 2018, podcasts have seen a tremendous rise in listeners, and the new form of audio entertainment is especially a hit amongst Indians. They give you the ease of doing something else while tuning in to an episode, and what better way to do strenuous house chores or office work than while listening to a podcast? HT Smartcast has some enticing podcasts that can help you say goodbye to the lockdown blues, and maybe even learn something new.

If you find it too tiresome to turn on a news channel on the television or pick up a newspaper, then ‘HT Daily News Wrap’ is for you. This podcast gives you all the headlines you need to know of the day in less than five minutes, and has two episodes each day: the morning show at 8, and the evening show at 6. Staying up-to-date was never this easy.


And if you are looking for a mood-lifter, ‘Charlie Chikna’ is the podcast to tune in to. A Fever FM production, this podcast’s quirky style is sure to leave you in fits. The host talks about the most random topics which are guaranteed to put you in better spirits during this wearisome lockdown.


Being at home for such a prolonged length can also put one in an unhealthy slump, but ‘Health Anusar’, a podcast that offers easy solutions for a healthy diet puts those worries to ease. Co-hosted by mother-daughter duo Kishneet and Mini, every episode offers a recipe that is bound to make you prioritise your health over those fries that are so easy to give in to.


A hit among techies is ‘Mint Techcetra’. The show is hosted by tech-expert Prasid Banerjee, who gives much needed answers to any and every tech-related question out there. Each episode covers relevant aspects of the digital universe, and offers advice on how to make smart technological decisions and investments.


If you are someone who appreciates a shayari or two, then Radio Nasha’s ‘Khayal’ is bound to be your favourite. The hit podcast is hosted in the alluring voice of RJ Peeyush, who narrates beautiful shayaris in each episode; from Ghalib to Khusrow to Gulzar.


There’s this and then there is a special compilation of all its best episodes on COVID-19, by the name HT media: COVID-19 Audio Coverage. This will provide a glimpse into the trajectory of the illness and how it affects multiple sectors of daily life in India. So, if you are looking for some credible information on COVID-19, give it a listen.

Podcasts are a great way to entertain oneself without having to engage both eyes and ears. It’s almost as if someone is narrating a story to you, so all you need is a little bit of curiosity! HT Smartcast has podcasts that range from news, to culture, to health, and even true crime— a little bit of something to serve every niche out there. To find your favourite podcast, go to It’s time to beat the low spirits of this lockdown, one podcast at a time. Happy listening!



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