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Daily Business News : Mint Mark to Market Podcast

Daily business news : Mark to Market Podcast
Share Market News : Mark to Market Podcast

Many young people in India have started investing in Stock Markets these days. But most of the time, they complain that it is tough to follow the ever-changing markets and keep making trades. 

If you are also someone who recently dipped their toes into the Indian Stock Markets, you might find consuming the daily business news overwhelming. This is because most of the times the stock market news is all over the place. Generally everything under the sun like price changes, stock buybacks,  corporate announcements, economic commentary etc is covered, making it difficult for the young investors to stay updated on the go.  Besides, it also does not make sense to keep checking the stock ticker every now and then, when you have a corporate job as well. 

The smart way to stay updated with Daily Market News : Mint Mark to Market Podcast

You do have the option of watching CNBC or any other Business News Channel to keep yourselves updates with the current business happenings. But the problem is that these channels mostly cater to people who are full-time traders or investors. A side-investor usually finds it difficult to devote so much time and energy to investing. Besides, you probably don’t want to be caught watching these channels while you’re working in your office.

What can come to the rescue of many young investors is a crisp yet all-encompassing podcast, which they can conveniently listen to in the morning while commuting.

The Mint Mark to Market Podcast is probably the perfect fit for such side-investors. It is beneficial both for traders looking for short-term technical news as well as long-term investors looking for news on fundamental developments of different stocks.   

Breaking down the Market for people on-the-go

Each episode of Mint Mark to Market is just 5 minutes long and covers one major topic of the day. This topic can be anything from a recent joint venture between two big entities or some long-term change in government policy that is affecting the stock market. 

Following are some of the best episodes of Mint Mark to Market Podcast. You can tune into them to stay updated with the daily business news.

Episode 124 : Weak dollar to remain a dominant theme for global equities in 21 as well 

Context : The US government had announced a stimulus package of $900 billion. While the jury was still out on whether it was enough to move the needle on recovery, it did pave the way for further US Dollar weakness. Want to know why? Tune into the episode.

Episode 131 : Why India sticks out as a sore thumb in debt flows. 

Context : It was 13 days into the New Year and some old trends started playing out. One is that of dollar outflows from India’s bond markets. India’s equity market continued to see record dollar inflows but foreign investors were still exiting bonds. Tune into the episode to unravel this mystery. 

Episode 121 : Emerging market equities the most preferred asset class among fund managers 

Context : Going into the new year, emerging market (EM) equities were finding their lost charm again among investors. What was contributing to this rising popularity? What were the risks? Tune in here to find out more.

Episode 98: TCS, Infosys leave Accenture far behind on valuations 

Context :  Global IT giant Accenture is double the size of India’s largest IT company TCS. Yet Accenture’s valuations are comparatively far modest. What explains this divergence? Indian investors are far more excited about the prospects of IT companies than in the US. The difference, it seems, lies in the composition of Indian and US markets. Tune in to the episode to find out more. 



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