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HT Smartcast’s Best Podcasts for Your Kids

As screen time concerns are on the rise, many new-age parents are slowly adopting podcasts and other on-demand non-music audio content as an educational yet fun route to engage kids, of course, ditching the screen. But as children’s audio content has flooded the airwaves, it can be a challenge to find the good stuff that’s also appropriate. Luckily we’ve created some excellent podcasts that you and your family will love listening to. And we guarantee you, you won’t get enough of HT Smartcast!


The Hindu religion is full of symbolic practices, each of which has profound and scientific reasoning. In this podcast, you’ll learn the relevance of everyday practices, through an innocent conversation between a father and son. This podcast is perfect for your child on most “boring” evenings when you and your family can all sit back and enjoy the thoughts behind some of our most mundane practices, and sometimes even superstitions.

What do you meme?

Using his trademark wit and humor, RJ Aniket brings you a show that helps you keep up with the ever-changing world of memes. Baby Yoda or the Doge of yesteryears, What Do You Meme has you covered. This podcast is for all your Gen Z-er children, and for you too! As they say, you are what you listen. Or do they? Tune in every week to find out.

Jai Bajrangi

Jai Bajrangi makes you experience the love and devotion of Lord Hanuman for Sita-Ram. Tune in to this podcast to listen to the legendary tales of Hanuman. Your children will love the drama and morals as part of these 5-minute byte-sized episodes, and there’s something to emulate from Hanuman after all! In fact, if you or your family enjoys such religious audio dramas and stories, check out HT Smartcast’s entire Religion and Spirituality category here.

Choti Si Kahani

If your child loves stories, and that too by Amitabh Bachchan, they will surely love this show. In this podcast, RJ Peeyush, also fondly known as ‘Radio ka Bachchan’ narrates everyday urban stories in his unique somber tone. Tune in and listen to these ‘Aam Zindagiyon Ki Khas Kahaniyaan’, or the special stories of everyday lives. If you like stories like these, you can also try Ek Kissa Roz Ka, another storytelling production by HT Smartcast.

Hansa Ben

In this podcast, listen to your favorite Hansa Ben’s PJs. Tune in and roll on the floor laughing! If you like your funny bone tickled, and your kids like it too, Hansa Ben is just the person for you. Also tune into Charlie Chikna for more jokes, but parental supervision is advised for this show. You would also love to be disturbed with Happy to Disturb, RJ Sayan’s prank call show! This is specifically for all Bengali parents out there, no children allowed!

These were our recommendations for the best podcasts from HT Smartcast for your kids. So sit back and enjoy it with your family. Don’t forget to write to us at, for any suggestions.



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