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HT Smartcast’s top 3 podcasts for millennials

The concept of podcasts came into fruition in the early 2000s, and the medium of communication was quick to surpass the success of the radio, as it gave listeners the convenience of choosing what they want to listen to, when they want to listen, and where they want to listen. Naturally, podcasts were bound to do well in India, owing to the country’s love for radio which dates back to our great-grandparents’ generation. The art of capturing the audiences’ attention with nothing but a voice is what conventionally sets radios apart.

In their essence, podcasts are an ode to that era of radio obsession, and it can be said that the nostalgic value that the radio holds for many Indians is what has made podcasts such a raving success among the millennial strata of the country. In the year 2018, approximately 335,828 National Public Radio (NPR) podcasts were downloaded in India, as opposed to 81,789 in 2015. Listeners, creators, content, and even investments in the podcast industry are going nowhere but up.  Spoken audio content is on the rise, with listeners turning to platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, Audioboom and many more to get a taste. Even content creators who use mediums such as television or newspapers are now paying attention to the podcast industry, one of the key players in the field being HT Smartcast. Their diversity in the field is like no other; nearly every other topic one can possibly think of is covered by HT Smartcast.

One show that is especially appealing to younger audiences is ‘The Millennial Mind’, a riveting podcast which discusses every trendy topic under the sun. The podcast is hosted by Pooja, who is a millennial herself and always manages to put across thought-provoking views in each episode.



A show for all the Dilliwalas is ‘Mint Delhi Decoded’; its host, Pretika Khanna, talks about the events in Delhi that affect its citizens on a daily basis.



To make things a little lighter, there are also shows like ‘Love Aaj Kal’; a Radio Nasha production which brings you new love stories in each episode that are guaranteed to leave you with a smile.


But these are just a fraction of the plethora of shows you can find on HT Smartcast; its diverse catalogue has something for everyone. Looking for your favourite podcast? You might just find something you like on




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