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Introducing HT Smartcast

Yes. You heard that right.

HT Media, one of India’s oldest and largest media groups, known for the quality, innovation and integrity of its editorial teams, is now ready with its distinct digital offering of podcasts – the HT Smartcast.

HT Smartcast’s curated offering has a podcast to satisfy the needs of every individual. You can be a news junkie or a nerd, a left-leaning liberal or right of center enthusiast, a Twitter activist or a smart homemaker, a Bollywood buff or a fashion aficionado, or you can simply be a curious soul… rest assured that HT Smartcast has something to feed every appetite.
The umbrella property encompasses specially curated podcasts across HT Media’s businesses. There are podcasts on current issues in English and Hindi hosted by well-respected journalists from Hindustan Times and Hindustan; business experts from Mint bring you podcasts on personal finance, policy and industry; while popular RJs from Fever FM and Radio Nasha host podcasts on all things life, lifestyle, entertainment and Bollywood.

Podcasts – or also quite simply the radio for the digital age – are easy to use and resonate with the instant gratification needs of millennials and Gen Z. The liberty from censorship, being able to speak their minds and getting a feeling of being heard makes it a special medium for people to convey their ideas and views effortlessly.

According to sources, with celebrities gradually joining podcasting, we are definitely going to witness a podcast revolution in 2020.

Ramesh Menon, the Chief Business Officer of HT Media group, says “We generate a lot of great content and the idea of launching podcasts was to expand the geographical footprint of our content as well as to ensure we cater to the change in our consumers’ audio consumption habit that is becoming more on-demand.”
Since its launch, HT Smartcast has garnered around 20,00,000 listens by now and is growing by leaps and bounds.

HT Smartcast offerings are available on all your favorite podcasting apps including Apple, Spotify, JioSaavn, Gaana, Castbox and of course on



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