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The Utimate Culture Podcast : Waking up Closing to Tibet

Ultimate Culture Podcast - Waking Up Closer to Tibet
Waking up closer to Tibet Podcast- Tenzen Chodon

The glorious culture of Tibet 

Tibet is often hailed as a wonderland. People say that it is a place so serene and pious that it calms you to your very core.

It is also not unusual to find the streets of Tibet abuzz with the legends of the great Tibetan monks. These monks performed the greatest of feats, remembered details about their past lives, and prayed and prayed to usher themselves into Nirvana.

It is difficult to not talk about Tibetan Music when talking about Tibetan Culture. But what can one really say about Tibetan Music. Just that if you have not heard it, you are missing out on experiencing a sense of euphoria and soulfulness which is so deep that it can transport you to an unworldly realm. 

Experience the culture of Tibet first-hand 

Not many have the good fortune of visiting this paradise called Tibet and experiencing its glory first-hand. Especially not, after the Chinese invasion of Tibet.  But people from all over the world are curious to know more about Tibet and unravel its mysteries.

It was this popular demand that made Tenzin Chodon venture on a unique and riveting journey of unraveling Tibet, its rich history, culture, art, tradition, religion, and people through her podcast Waking up closer to Tibet. Every week on the podcast, Tenzin interviews experts who know Tibet in their own unique ways.

Waking Up Closer to Tibet : The Ultimate Culture Podcast- Tenzin Chodon

As one traverses through the episodes of Waking up closer to Tibet, they come to know why Tibet has such a distinctive culture. How, when the rest of the world was reeling under the Western influence, this land of sacred monasteries and high mountains maintained its pristine essence. 

The host, Tenzen Chodon shares stories of Tibet’s most beautiful religious festivals while the guests on the show recount their most enthralling experiences in Tibet. 

Losar – The Tibetan New Year

One of the podcast’s episodes is about Losar – The Tibetan New Year. It discusses the festivities surrounding the Losar time in Tibet. The way Tenzen described Tibet, it shows that it truly will be any tourist’s dream to visit Tibet during Losar. They will find all the distinctive characteristics of Tibetan Culture in full display during Losar- the monasteries colourfully decorated, the folks dressed up to the nines, and streets thronged by processions. 

And if one passes by one of the Buddhist monasteries during Losar, they will find tons of Tibetans making offerings to the deities, reciting meditative chants and hymns in unison and singing celebratory folk songs.

Buddhism and The Dalai Lama in Tibet

Waking up closer to Tibet Podcast also touches upon the topic of the spread of Buddhism to Tibet from India. It explains what Buddhism, specifically Tibetan Buddhism stands for and how it is different from other forms of Buddhism. 

Through guest interactions, one can learn that Tibetan Buddhism is unique since it is a combination of three different Buddhist methods interwoven together to achieve spiritual liberation. 

One also explores the mysticism surrounding our holy highness, the Dalai Lama ( literal translation – The Ocean of Wisdom) through the podcast.

It explains the origin of the Dalai Lama, the legend of his resurrection and answers all the questions people apparently have on this subject. She recounts how the 14th Dalai Lama was discovered and identified at a tender age of 2, by a Tibetan search party which was being run for the 13th Dalai Lama after his death. 

If all of this has managed to intrigue your curiosity about Tibet and if you yearn to experience their culture first-hand, then join Tenzen Chodon in her journey of discovering Tibet in the podcast Waking up closer to Tibet: The Ultimate Culture Podcast.



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