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Top 5 podcasts for your daily commute

Well, there’s always radio, you may say. But the continuous ad-breaks, and there’s hardly any fresh music! Fear not, HT Smartcast has got you covered. A host of podcasts are playing the same role of entertaining and inspiring you, informing and delighting you – all at the same time. People with no pictures, no visuals can really hook you towards their voice and make you feel better. And what happens when all of this is brought to you by the best journalists and RJ’s of the country! Here are a few podcasts that we recommend to make that never-ending commute better. So much so, that tomorrow you’ll look forward to the journey more than the destination!

Mint Climate Change Tracker

Mint Climate Change Tracker is a weekly podcast about the challenges posed by a rapidly heating planet. This podcast is hosted by Bibek Bhattacharya, Deputy Editor, Mint Lounge where he takes current weather patterns into consideration. He talks about current climate crisis situations & keeps a track of burning forests, melting glaciers & increasing pollution, and how we as individuals can take little steps to make our planet more habitable.

Your Stars Today

Everybody gets curious about their upcoming future, right?
Naina Arora, Ruchika Garg, and Risabh Suri will bring to you daily your horoscope by renowned astrologer Dr. Prem Kumar Sharma. They might predict your highs and lows. Don’t forget to catch up with your lucky number and color. Basically, they are that one friend who can make your life happy and better, before even your day begins!


‘Agar tum mere afsano ko bardasht nahi kar sakte, iska matlab yeh hai ki ye zamana hi naqabil-e-bardasht hai’ This famous line by Manto connects us more towards the power of words and poetry. So, RJ Peeyush brings to you amazing writings of poets & writers. He also introduces the life of the poet to his listeners. Start your day with new hope and a mesmerizing thought.

Five to Thrive

Five to Thrive by Soda Pop Love is all about women where they talk about their lives. Mental health, fashion, dieting, lifestyle, beauty, we’ve all got it covered. Hosted by Instagram influencer and dentist, Shraddha Bhalla and a slew of guests, it’s a fun show focused more on the modern woman where each episode will tell you about 5 tasks daily to thrive the day better. This will help you give a flavor to your life.

Picture Pandey

The fact is that we all are gaga over films and our favorite stars. They want to be informed about everything happening around them. So here is the podcast that can quench your thirst for knowing more about Bollywood. In this podcast, RJ Anuraag Pandey talks about everything Bollywood – from candid celeb interviews to piping hot gossip. Tune in if you wish to walk, talk and breathe showbiz and Bollywood, and impress your friends with the best info on showbiz and your favorite stars!



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