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Mint Equitymaster Investor Hour

Mint Equitymaster Investor Hour

Mint - HT Smartcast

Mint Equitymaster Investor Hour is a weekly podcast dedicated to learning from the best investment minds of our times. Tune in with host Rahul Goel, the CEO of one of India’s most respected independent research companies, Equitymaster, for a lot of learning that could help you make better decisions in life and investing.This is a Mint production, brought to by HT Smartcast.

Mint Equitymaster Investor Hour
Mint Equitymaster Investor Hour
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Available Episodes

Sumeet Nagar on Making it Big with Small/Mid Cap Stocks
28 Nov 2022

Sumeet Nagar’s amazing track record in the smallcap and midcap space is no fluke. He has a solid decision-making process on which stocks to buy, how much to buy, and, equally impor ... Read more

28 Nov120 MINS
Nithin Eapen on the Big Crypto Opportunity and Scams
21 Nov 2022

Nithin Eapen is a long-term crypto investor. Surprising as this may seem, it’s true. Apart from being a successful crypto investor, Nithin’s other strength is that he can explain a ... Read more

21 Nov82 MINS
Mihir Vora on GARP Investing
14 Nov 2022

Mihir Vora is a ‘growth at a reasonable price (GARP)’ stock picker. He is always thinking where he can find growth...and how he can get to ride it in a way that ends in potentially ... Read more

14 Nov85 MINS
Nilesh Shah on Destiny, Doing the Right Thing and the Big Indian Investment Opportunity
07 Nov 2022

Nilesh Shah is perhaps one of the best debt fund managers India has ever had. Not only did he rack up great returns, Nilesh once told investors in his fund to redeem their monies a ... Read more

07 Nov75 MINS
Vijay Kedia on Betting Big on Stocks
31 Oct 2022

It’s not for no reason that Vijay Kedia has a cult-like following in the Indian stock markets. He has had a string of massive successes, right from 1991...and as a result, has scri ... Read more

31 Oct81 MINS
Manish Sabharwal on India’s 25-Year Economic Bull Run
10 Oct 2022

Manish Sabharwal knows what makes the Indian economy tick, and what could make it tick a whole lot faster. He is after all the person who is providing a key input for that growth i ... Read more

10 Oct70 MINS
Devina Mehra on Importance of First Principles and Turning Down Ratan Tata’s Suggestion
26 Sep 2022

Devina Mehra’s claim to fame recommends HDFC Bank stock at an adjusted price of less than Re 1. But that’s nowhere even close to the successes she has racked up over her career. Sh ... Read more

26 Sep92 MINS
Pankaj Tibrewal on Constructing the Best Portfolio and Why It’s Time to Bet on India
12 Sep 2022

Pankaj Tibrewal’s approach to picking stocks, constructing the best portfolio and his focus on management trust (he has kept notes for 20 years now to help assess this) creates a f ... Read more

12 Sep97 MINS
Samit Vartak on Picking the Right Stocks and Outlook for India
05 Sep 2022

Samit Vartak’s journey to becoming one of the top money managers in India is fascinating. A chance encounter with a friend, the stock market bubble of the late 90s and a consulting ... Read more

05 Sep89 MINS
Gautam Baid on Stock Picking, Portfolio Building and Asset Allocation
29 Aug 2022

Talking to Gautam Baid, author of the Joys of Compounding, is both inspirational and thought-provoking. He went from working a night shift at the hotel reception, to becoming one o ... Read more

29 Aug69 MINS
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