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Mint Equitymaster Investor Hour

Mint Equitymaster Investor Hour

Mint - HT Smartcast

Mint Equitymaster Investor Hour is a weekly podcast dedicated to learning from the best investment minds of our times. Tune in with host Rahul Goel, the CEO of one of India’s most respected independent research companies, Equitymaster, for a lot of learning that could help you make better decisions in life and investing. This is a Mint production, brought to by HT Smartcast.

Mint Equitymaster Investor Hour
Mint Equitymaster Investor Hour
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Available Episodes

Alok Jain on Asset Allocation, his Unique Approach to Trading and Importance of Values
04 Jul 2022

Alok Jain’s journey is fascinating. His education spanned from a government school to a top US university. And his entrepreneurial ventures from broking to a pioneering independent ... Read more

04 Jul85 MINS
Ridham Desai on Long-Term Investing and why he is Very Bullish on India
27 Jun 2022

Ridham Desai is a veteran of the stock markets. Starting with almost nothing, he built up capital by trading stocks. And then went on to become one of the best long-term stock pick ... Read more

27 Jun77 MINS
Ajit Dayal on Investing in Infosys IPO and his Philosophy on Investing
21 Jun 2022

This week we continue our conversation with Ajit Dayal, Founder, Quantum Mutual Fund, PersonalFN and Equitymaster. We start off with Ajit’s meeting with Narayan Murthy before the I ... Read more

21 Jun86 MINS
Ajit Dayal on Asset Allocation and Making Better Investment Decisions
13 Jun 2022

Ajit Dayal is an entrepreneur like no other. His endeavors range from writing comic books to setting up India’s first direct-to-investor mutual fund. At heart he is an educator foc ... Read more

13 Jun73 MINS
Vivek Kaul on India, Inflation and the One Thing that Worries Him the Most
06 Jun 2022

Vivek Kaul is an economist like no other. When he talks about India’s economy and its challenges, it makes sense. That’s what we talk about this week. Above all, we talk about his ... Read more

06 Jun79 MINS
Ramesh Damani on What Could Lead the Next Stock Market Rally
30 May 2022

Investors like Ramesh Damani are hard to come by. Arguably one of the most successful investors in India, he remains disappointed that he has not done even better. It’s this hunger ... Read more

30 May65 MINS
Saurabh Mukherjea on Investing, Life, Family and Fraud
24 May 2022

This week host Rahul Goel talks to Saurabh Mukherjea, arguably one of India’s best-known money managers. In this fascinating episode, Saurabh reveals details of one of his biggest ... Read more

24 May66 MINS