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Mint Equitymaster Investor Hour

Mint Equitymaster Investor Hour

Mint - HT Smartcast

Mint Equitymaster Investor Hour is a weekly podcast dedicated to learning from the best investment minds of our times. Tune in with host Rahul Goel, the CEO of one of India’s most respected independent research companies, Equitymaster, for a lot of learning that could help you make better decisions in life and investing.This is a Mint production, brought to by HT Smartcast.

Mint Equitymaster Investor Hour
Mint Equitymaster Investor Hour
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Available Episodes

Rajeev Thakkar on First Principles Investing
27 Mar 2023

If there is one fund manager who has grabbed the attention of investors over the last 10 years, it’s Rajeev Thakkar of PPFAS Mutual Fund. Rajeev walks his own path...which often tu ... Read more

27 Mar96 MINS
Harsha Upadhyaya on What Works Best When Picking Stocks and Importance of What You Don’t Own
14 Mar 2023

Harsha Upadhyaya is a big believer in the India story. And he believes the way to go about making the most of it as an investor is to pick stocks using the Growth at Reasonable Pri ... Read more

14 Mar96 MINS
Mahesh Patil on his stock picking framework, how to detect fraud and assessing management quality
28 Feb 2023

Mahesh Patil is a veteran fund manager who believes in delivering a consistent performance. And to achieve that he has developed a framework for selecting stocks, which he shares i ... Read more

28 Feb98 MINS
Vetri Subramaniam on How to Select Stocks, Build a Portfolio and Avoid Fraudulent Stocks
06 Feb 2023

Vetri Subramaniam is one of India’s leading fund managers. In this episode of the investor hour, Vetri shares his thoughts on how to pick stocks and build a portfolio. He speaks at ... Read more

06 Feb97 MINS
Rajashekhar Iyer On His Unique Benjamin Graham + Approach to Picking Stocks
30 Jan 2023

Rajashekhar Iyer’s stock market journey has taken him from writing notes on stocks for a magazine to being recognized as a super investor. His unique investing style uses Benjamin ... Read more

30 Jan103 MINS
Andrew Holland on Active Investing
16 Jan 2023

Andrew Holland’s unique approach to investing helped his firm avoid losses in the great financial crisis, and then later during the peak pandemic scare in March 2020. The key behin ... Read more

16 Jan95 MINS
Vikaash Khdloya on Real Estate and a New Investment Opportunity
19 Dec 2022

Vikaash Khdloya is the head of Asia’s largest REIT. What’s a REIT? Well, it’s a new investment opportunity that you should take note of. More on that in this episode. We also talk ... Read more

19 Dec77 MINS
Sridhar Sivaram on Stock Picking, Position Sizing and Asset Allocation
12 Dec 2022

Sridhar Sivaram talks about the importance of macro when picking stocks, the power of position sizing and the criticality of overall asset allocation. Sridhar also discusses the st ... Read more

12 Dec79 MINS
Chris Mayer on How to Pick “100 Bagger” Stocks
05 Dec 2022

Chris Mayer, portfolio manager and the author of 100 Baggers, shares his stock-picking process, its evolution and why he believes the “old” Buffett stock-picking method may not wor ... Read more

05 Dec84 MINS
Sumeet Nagar on Making it Big with Small/Mid Cap Stocks
28 Nov 2022

Sumeet Nagar’s amazing track record in the smallcap and midcap space is no fluke. He has a solid decision-making process on which stocks to buy, how much to buy, and, equally impor ... Read more

28 Nov120 MINS
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