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Operation Shoorveer: A Career in Defence

Operation Shoorveer: A Career in Defence

Fever FM - HT Smartcast

Jai Hind! If you want to build a career in Indian Armed Forces but are clueless about where to start, this is a must-listen. Tune into Operation Shoorveer with RJ Nishita and Captain Jaydev Joshi (Retd), who served in the Indian Army and is a recipient of the Chief Of Army Staff's Commendation Card. Every week, RJ Nishita poses several questions on what it takes to become a Warrior and Captain a.k.a your professor in the show makes the learning easy and effortless. From the initial application to the intense training and sneak peek into the life of an Army Officer, the Captain leaves no stone unturned.

Operation Shoorveer: A Career in Defence
Operation Shoorveer: A Career in Defence
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17 Feb26 MINS
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10 Feb27 MINS
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31 Jan26 MINS
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Can you become a commissioned officer with only a 12th-grade education?

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13 Jan32 MINS
A Guide to Commissioned and Non-Commissioned Positions

In this episode, we will explore the different categories of the armed forces, including the various ranks and how they are attained. We will also discuss the duties and responsibi ... Read more

06 Jan28 MINS
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