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Boondon Se Baatein

Boondon Se Baatein

Fever FM - HT Smartcast

Monsoon season is a time for nostalgia when we relive moments, happy and sad, we had experienced in our lives. This is a narration of such experiences in the form of stories. So, grab your favourite mug, put on your earphones and enjoy the shower of emotions with Pooja Barry and Raghu Raftaar.This is a Fever FM production, brought to you by HT Smartcast.

Boondon Se Baatein
Boondon Se Baatein
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Available Episodes

Faalsey | Childhood | Life
29 Jun 2022

At some point, everyone gets some lesson in the school of life. The same happened in the life of the hero of our story. How a notorious kid started becoming responsible, let's hear ... Read more

29 Jun6 MINS
Boondon Se Baatein Ep 53 |Ek Mutthi Mitthi| Soil |Emotions |Roots|
10 Jun 2022

It is always important to stay connected to your roots. In this story, Gannu also did the same thing, it is very important to understand the importance of soil in life. Gannu did t ... Read more

10 Jun5 MINS
Boondon Se Baatein |EP 52  - Office Desk|Workculture|office|
27 May 2022

Office is a place where we spend most of our time at our desks. But imagine how bad it would be if this desk was never kept clean. Listen to the story of Aditi and her office desk ... Read more

27 May6 MINS
Boondon Se Baatein | Episode 51 | Ek chhoti si kahani | Girl | Orphanage | Stories
20 May 2022

Everyone likes to listen to the stories, the stories bring a smile to their face. Rinku, a little girl also loves to narrate such stories and make everyone happy. But what is her s ... Read more

20 May6 MINS
Boondon se baatein | Episode 50 | Aam Chor | Mango | Summers | Love story
12 May 2022

It is said that love has no age and with age, love deepens. Manri Uncle and Bindu Aunty's love was also like this.But how mango plays an interesting role in their Love story, let's ... Read more

12 May8 MINS
Pados | Family | Emotions
09 May 2022

It is said that relatives are good or not, but neighbours must be good, but what to do when there is a neighbourhood like Mathur's neighbours... Listen to Boondon Se Baatein to kno ... Read more

09 May5 MINS
Boondon Se Baatein |Episode 48| Haunted Trip| Fear | Uttrakhand|
22 Apr 2022

Kabhi kabhi apni simaaon ko samajhna bhi behadh jaruri hai, kaash... Ayush ne iss baat ko samjha hota.. agar samjha hota toh voo shikaar nahi banta uss daravne "chalava" ka.. Jann ... Read more

22 Apr8 MINS
Boondon se baatein | Episode 47 | Shanu ki Shikayatein | Daughter | Mother | Misunderstanding | Family
14 Apr 2022

Grievances increase distance in relationships and narrows the scope of understanding. Such is the story of Shanu and her Mom. Let's hear out the family drama! Read more

14 Apr8 MINS
Boondon se baatein | Episode-46 | I Spy | Parents | Love | Suspense
08 Apr 2022

Everyone loves their dear ones but roohi's parents love was different. In today's story, you will get to know about the depth of this love and how a game will turn an easy life int ... Read more

08 Apr6 MINS
Shanta Bai |Episode 45| Emotions | Family | Member|
01 Apr 2022

Aapne aksar dekha hoga ki jab maid apne owner se baat karti hai toh wooh bahut zada salike se karti hai magar Shanta Bai ke case mei bilkul alag hai, wooh apne owner se iss kadar b ... Read more

01 Apr4 MINS
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