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Maa Hoon Na

Maa Hoon Na

Fever FM - HT Smartcast

Every woman has a million questions when it comes to pregnancy and motherhood, and every man has a zillion more! Conceiving, feeding, Weaning, teething, traditions, superstitions, complications, excitements, milestones, myths, child’s immunity, mothers’ community and a lot more!

So herewith is my experience along with some expert guidance I Rj Rangeeli Ruchi, a new mommy on the block will try and make this journey a little easier and so much more fun for you! Motherhood is no less than a roller coaster ride, now whether you will enjoy this ride or be screaming through most of it, totally depends on who is sitting next to you holding your hand through it. So let me hold that hand of yours via this podcast and make it a memorable one!

To ab se aapka sath dene k liye Mai Hun na kyunki aap hi ki tarah mai bhi “Maa Hun Na”!

This is a Fever FM production, brought to you by HT Smartcast.

Maa Hoon Na
Maa Hoon Na
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Available Episodes

Useless things you must not buy for babies

While we all have a list of things we want to buy for our Lil ones, lemme help you make a list of things that you must NOT BUY for your little ones. Marketing these days is so brut ... Read more

25 Jul18 MINS
Is cow's milk really that imp?

We all remember the song Doodh Doodh Doodh Doodh, Doodh hai wonderful pi sakte ho roz Glassful! But kya sach me daily Glassful Doodh peena zaruri hai? And what else can we add to o ... Read more

18 Jul13 MINS
Monsoon Care For Babies

As beautiful and as romantic a weather you might find monsoon to be, you wouldn't like it a bit if you are a new mother that too living in Mumbai. Listen to this episode by Rj Ruch ... Read more

11 Jul13 MINS
7 Marriage Issues You Face After Having A Baby

It's funny how everyone takes care of a newborn baby, at least someone will definitely take care of a new mom but no one takes care of the marriage that led to this baby! It's like ... Read more

04 Jul18 MINS
Taking Toddlers to Eat Out

Well we know how difficult it is to eat in peace at home as a new parent, forget going to restaurants and finishing a plate! Going to our fav restaurants to have our all-time fav ... Read more

28 Jun17 MINS
Separation Anxiety

Goodbyes are never easy. Be it with adults or babies! Separation anxiety is real and affects almost all new parents sometime or the other. How can you put your babies and your emot ... Read more

20 Jun16 MINS
Bol Baby Bol

As much as we love all the cooing, baa baaing and babbling of our babies, truth is that we all are so restless to hear them talk! Say their first words, listen to the precious Maa ... Read more

06 Jun19 MINS
How much Screen time is too much Screen time?

We cannot deny the fact that our children and technology are going to walk hand in hand and progress together in the future. Keeping the kids away from social media completely and ... Read more

30 May18 MINS
You are a Good Mom!

The last week or 10 days have been really difficult for me. With the increasing work responsibilities and the overwhelming mom duties, I was constantly on the edge. I found myself ... Read more

23 May17 MINS
10 reasons your child might not be eating enough!

We are desi mothers sometimes get so one-track-minded, obsessed, and stuck with our thoughts that we often don't realize that there might be genuine, understandable, logical reason ... Read more

17 May21 MINS
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