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Maa Hoon Na

Maa Hoon Na

Fever FM - HT Smartcast

Every woman has a million questions when it comes to pregnancy and motherhood, and every man has a zillion more! Conceiving, feeding, Weaning, teething, traditions, superstitions, complications, excitements, milestones, myths, child’s immunity, mothers’ community and a lot more!

So herewith is my experience along with some expert guidance I Rj Rangeeli Ruchi, a new mommy on the block will try and make this journey a little easier and so much more fun for you! Motherhood is no less than a roller coaster ride, now whether you will enjoy this ride or be screaming through most of it, totally depends on who is sitting next to you holding your hand through it. So let me hold that hand of yours via this podcast and make it a memorable one!

To ab se aapka sath dene k liye Mai Hun na kyunki aap hi ki tarah mai bhi “Maa Hun Na”!

This is a Fever FM production, brought to you by HT Smartcast.

Maa Hoon Na
Maa Hoon Na
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Available Episodes

Getting back to Office

Whoever thought that the gestational period is the most difficult part of having a baby or labour or delivery is, did not know about what is coming up next! The most difficult part ... Read more

29 Nov24 MINS
Help we have turned into nocturnal animals | Understanding babies sleep

The Hardest part of pregnancy comes after your third trimester, the fourth trimester! When parents legit turn into nocturnal animals. So much for watching Rahul Roy's Junoon! Haha! ... Read more

22 Nov26 MINS
Breastfeeding v/s Formula Feeding

Why is breastfeeding so important? Why is formula feeding looked down upon? Isn't there too much pressure on new moms to breastfeed? What if I can't breastfeed? What if the baby do ... Read more

15 Nov28 MINS
Newborn shopping list ft. A Charmed Life

Does this episode even need an introduction? Let's talk about the most fun part of becoming a new mommy, getting your hands on all those tiny Lil outfits for your Lil lady or gentl ... Read more

08 Nov28 MINS
10 things to do before

As the title suggests, Rj Rangeeli Ruchi, mother of a one year old tells you about things that you should definitely be doing, needs and desires that should fulfill before "The Day ... Read more

01 Nov17 MINS
Should I call my Doctor!

You must have heard of Godzilla! You must have also heard of a bridezilla! But have you heard of Momzilla? Every person around a pregnant or a new mother would surely know who a mo ... Read more

27 Oct18 MINS
Is that an alien | Decoding Prenatal Scans

The doctor has been trying to show you in the sonogram how cute your baby's tiny fingers are looking and how perfect his nose is, while all that you can see are black and white blo ... Read more

18 Oct15 MINS
Vanishing twin syndrome

They say you can never be prepared enough to be a pregnant or be a parent. But what happened to me while I was expecting was something I could have never ever ever prepared myself ... Read more

07 Oct13 MINS
There is Hope!

One of the biggest dream that every woman holds is to carry the tag of being a mother. This is among the most awaited moments in life. The feeling of not being able to do the sam ... Read more

28 Sep27 MINS
Khushkhabri hai kya?

One of the worst waiting periods in the world is when you’re waiting to figure out if you’re pregnant. You’re just counting down the days until you start your next period, hoping ... Read more

22 Sep12 MINS
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