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Metronome - The Music Podcast

Metronome - The Music Podcast

Hindustan Times - HT Smartcast

In this podcast, Hindustan Times's resident music connoisseur, Samarth Goyal, covers the best of the latest music from around the country and the world, while also giving you trivia about some of the evergreen classics. Plus, he will also interview an independent artist who will talk about their latest release.

If you want to get your song featured on Metronome write to Samarth on Twitter. His handle is @sammysamarth. For a quicker response, write to us @htsmartcast on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Metronome - The Music Podcast
Metronome - The Music Podcast
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Available Episodes

Top 5 Songs include Angry, Never Die, Jalsa 2.0 & More | Trivia on AR Rahman

In this week's top 5 songs recommended by Hindustan Times, we're featuring tracks like Angry by The Rolling Stones, Never Die by Nas, and Jalsa 2.0 by Satinder Sartaaj, among other ... Read more

22 Sep5 MINS
Top 5 Songs include Slow Dancing, Tension, Lifestyle & More | Trivia on Who Let The Dogs Out

In this week's top 5 songs recommended by Hindustan Times, we have Slow Dancing by V, Tension by Kylie Minogue, Lifestyle by AP Dhillon, and more. Vineet Singh Hukmani joins host S ... Read more

14 Sep6 MINS
Top 5 Songs include Last time I saw you, Bad Idea Right, Two Thousand Eighteen & More | Trivia on I Kissed A Girl

In this week's top 5 songs recommended by Hindustan Times, we have Last Time I Saw You by Nicki Minaj, Bad Idea Right by Olivia Rodrigo, Two Thousand Eighteen by Jafa, and more. Ra ... Read more

08 Sep5 MINS
Top 5 Songs include Used To Be Young, Single Soon, Zindagi Paheli & More | Trivia on Freddie Mercury

Used To Be Young by Miley Cyrus, Single Soon by Selena Gomez, Dil Ka Telephone 2.0 from Dream Girl 2, and more make up the top 5 songs this week, recommended by Hindustan Times. Ca ... Read more

01 Sep5 MINS
Lipstick | Rainy Days | One Love | Elevate | Matlabi - Top songs this week

Tune in for host, Samarth Goyal's, top-5 latest releases from home and around the world, in this episode of the season. He begins with "Lipstick" by Charlie Puth, "Rainy Days" by V ... Read more

24 Aug5 MINS
Paint the town red, Realest, Never Mine & More | Trivia on the iconic Choli Ke Peeche Kya Hai

Paint the town red by Doja Cat, Realest by Ez Mil and Eminem, Never Mine by Harnoor and more become a part of this week's top 5 songs recommended by Hindustan Times. Also, do you ... Read more

17 Aug5 MINS
Jealousy | Overdrive | Dil Bechara | Mallaah | X Marks The Spot

"Jealousy" by Offset and Cardi B, "Overdrive" by Post Malone, "Dil Bechara" by Neha Kakkar and more, leaves an indelible mark, mesmerizing our ears with every note and rhythm in th ... Read more

03 Aug5 MINS
I'm Just Ken | Love Like This | Challa | Uncertainty | 18 With You

Each song from "I'm Just Ken" by Ryan Gosling, "Love Like This" by Zayn, "Challa" by the dynamic duo of Diljit Dosanjh and Gurdas Maan, "Uncertainty" by Priyansh Gupta, and "18 Wit ... Read more

28 Jul5 MINS
Seven | Rush | Khairiyat | Sleepless | The Fall

From Jungkook's "Seven" to Troye Sivan's "Rush," Arijit Singh's "Khairiyat" from Gadar 2, "Sleepless" by AP Dillon, and "The Fall" by Komorebi, each song leaves an indelible mark, ... Read more

21 Jul5 MINS
I Can See You| Cream Soda| Psycho| Free Flow| Pyaar Jordan Sandhu

From Taylor Swift's "I Can See You," where love is a precious secret waiting to be discovered, to EXO's "Cream Soda," a refreshing blend of joyful brass and pulsating rhythms that ... Read more

14 Jul6 MINS
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