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Secrets of Sports Science

Secrets of Sports Science

Hindustan Times - HT Smartcast

Faster, Higher, Stronger…yes! But how do elite athletes get there? With a little help from sports science, of course. This is the golden age of athleticism. It’s no coincidence that it’s also the golden age of sports science. Rudraneil Sengupta goes behind the scenes to talk to scientists, coaches and trainers to understand how athletes run faster, jump higher, get stronger, and play longer. If you are interested in sports, muscles, speed, power, strength and agility, press play. This is a Hindustan Times production, brought to you by HT Smartcast.

Secrets of Sports Science
Secrets of Sports Science
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Available Episodes

Concussion in cricket with Cricket Australia Chief Medical Officer Dr John Orchard
23 Jun 2022

Dr Orchard was on the field that day in 2014 when Phillip Hughes got hit in the head by a cricket ball and died later from his injury. It marked the beginning of a long campaign by ... Read more

23 Jun37 MINS
How early should children go into formal coaching? With Dr Mark Williams
16 Jun 2022

There was a time when the best footballers in the world—from Maradona to Johann Cruyff or Zinadine Zidane—learned their skills playing street football. Now promising footballers go ... Read more

16 Jun35 MINS
The art of the javelin throw with Dr Klaus Bartonietz
09 Jun 2022

You may know him as Neeraj Chopra's coach. But Dr Bartonietz or "Dr Javelin" is one of the world's leading experts on throws, and has been conducting research and analysis on it si ... Read more

09 Jun43 MINS
How to deal with performance anxiety - with Dr Eddie O'Connor, Sports Psychologist
02 Jun 2022

What is the key to mental toughness? Should you believe everything your brain tells you? What is mindfulness? How do you shift from thinking to doing? Can you make your nervousness ... Read more

02 Jun31 MINS
How to bowl faster, better – with Dr. Rene Ferdinands, University of Sydney
27 May 2022

Do you supinate or pronate to generate spin to the cricket ball? How can you get more revs per minute? Are you a fast bowler looking to increase speed? How can you do it without th ... Read more

27 May47 MINS
Surviving the IPL | How cricketers remain fit and injury-free
19 May 2022

John Gloster, the physiotherapist and head of sports science for Rajasthan Royals, talks about assessing players before the start of a season, creating individual training programs ... Read more

19 May30 MINS