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Universe Says Hi

Universe Says Hi

Fever FM - HT Smartcast

‘Universe says Hi’ is a weekly podcast that helps you focus on what you truly desire and what you wish to dispose of, every week. Tune in with Aakriti, a professional Tarot Card reader and a Meditation coach to get your Tarot predictions, a deeper understanding of your lunar cycles, and learn about the practical applications of essential Hindu rituals. Come take a dive into the modern world of mysticism.This is a Fever FM production brought to you by HT Smartcast.

Universe Says Hi
Universe Says Hi
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Available Episodes

Your Tarot Forecast for December 2022: Predictions for all 4 elements
28 Nov 2022

As we move towards the last month of 2022, it's time to look back and recall all your learnings this year. Your Tarot Reader Aakriti is here to give you a sense of direction throug ... Read more

28 Nov17 MINS
Tips to harness the power of the New Moon
21 Nov 2022

The energies of this week are majorly affected by New Moon. The new moon phase is a more introspective time and represents new beginnings as we plant seeds for the future. Tune in ... Read more

21 Nov8 MINS
A 3-step guide to healing your Inner Child
14 Nov 2022

Everyone has a child self within them that reflects their past like a book. This Children’s Day, let’s reconnect with our inner child and experience that wonderful feeling of genui ... Read more

14 Nov12 MINS
5 full moon rituals to relax and restore
07 Nov 2022

Are you feeling emotionally vulnerable or experiencing any kind of pain in your body? This week is influenced by the full moon which is on the 8th of November so it might have some ... Read more

07 Nov10 MINS
Your Tarot Forecast for November 2022: Predictions for all 4 elements
31 Oct 2022

What do the Tarot cards say about your energies for the first week of November 2022? How can you make your week better? What are some self-affirmations you can practice to keep you ... Read more

31 Oct10 MINS