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Kalacharam Reset

Kalacharam Reset

HT Smartcast Originals

We often talk about how change is the only constant. We also, sometimes reluctantly so, upgrade and upskill ourselves according to the changing times. However, when it comes to our lives and the way we live in our societies - certain perspectives and thought processes - are often left stagnant and unquestioned.

Now, if you are an Adigaprasangi (rebel) like our host - Subhalakshmi Ramalingan, Executive Producer, Fever FM, Chennai - then this podcast, Kalacharam Reset is for you. Here Subhlakshmi will touch upon all aspects of our society that affect us. Right from the naming ceremony to adolescence, from individual identities to careers and relationships, she will question everything. So, tune in now to find answers or arguments that best suit you.

This is a Fever FM production, brought to you by HT Smartcast.

Kalacharam Reset
Kalacharam Reset
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Available Episodes

Why is Mental health important ? | Mana nallam yen mukiyam?

Asking for help is often seen as an act of weakness. However, if we look closely taking financial help like loans is encouraged, similarly seeking a doctor's help for medical reaso ... Read more

10 Nov30 MINS
Death | Maranam

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01 Nov23 MINS
What is family? Oru kudumbam na enna?

Culture is a part of our imagined realities that has evolved with time. The idea of "family" is one of the prime aspects of it. We can even say that it's the source of many cultura ... Read more

14 Oct24 MINS
Love beyond Cultures | Kalacharathukku Adangaadha Kaadhal

The culture in which we grow up is for the most part invisible; we hardly even notice it until we're forced to step outside and see it from a fresh perspective. A large amount of w ... Read more

05 Oct17 MINS
Beauty standards | Azhagu Vaguppugal

Unrealistic beauty standards are an evil in today's day and age. It can lead to a lot of issues with mental and physical health while trying to change oneself to fit in. Mean comme ... Read more

23 Sep27 MINS
The Art, Artist and Society | Kalai, Kalaingargal Mattrum Samudayam

Storytelling has always been an integral part of human society. Humans as social beings have practised storytelling in various formats with time which also serves as a source of en ... Read more

16 Sep26 MINS
Food and Experiment | Unavum Parisodanayum

Sometimes the feeling of home is not a place or even its people it's The FOOD!!! Sometimes you don't have to travel physically, the aroma is sufficient to make you feel nostalgic, ... Read more

25 Aug30 MINS

If you are someone who has grown up in an environment full of mixed cultures there are chances that you identify as an oddball. That you are as much an insider as you are an outsid ... Read more

18 Aug33 MINS
It all starts at home | Idhu epdi appa amma kitte sollaradu?

It is always a terrifying feeling to start a conversation with your parents. Especially When you have to do "The talk" with them, be it about your career or a life partner. However ... Read more

11 Aug29 MINS
Gender is non-binary| Palinam irandu dhana?

As we discussed in our 1st episode about some identities being chosen like "Name". Gender too comes in that category. However, that's not how it's perceived. We usually perceive ge ... Read more

03 Aug18 MINS
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