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The Year That Wasn't

The Year That Wasn't

Radio One - HT Smartcast

The Year That Wasn’t is a piece of epiphany that reflects back on the year 2020 where a lot of dreams and aspirations were left abandoned.
Let's take a look at some of the developments and where we have reached in this incredible journey that displays the resilience of the human spirit. RJ Kay and RJ Jane bring together some of the most interesting content creators, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders to share their growth stories that ignite a spark among all of us.

This is a Radio One production, brought to you by HT Smartcast.

The Year That Wasn't
The Year That Wasn't
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Available Episodes

It's a bittersweet year but I wouldn't skip it: Vivek Sunder

He played a pivotal role in expanding the geographical footprint of the food giant Swiggy, taking it beyond more than 500 cities. He is Vivek Sunder, COO of Swiggy. Join RJ Kay in ... Read more

06 Jul46 MINS
Be the change you wish to see: PC Mustafa

Join RJ Kay in conversation with PC Mustafa CEO and Co Founder of ID Fresh Foods. He believes that the mantra of success for any entrepreneurship is the right product, at the right ... Read more

29 Jun20 MINS
A digital world is a youngster's world :  Varun Mayya

A young ed-tech-influencer who is killin’ it with his skill set. Yeah! Without any doubt, we can say that Varun Mayya is a youth icon we all needed. Join RJ Jane in an exciting con ... Read more

22 Jun35 MINS
2020 is the vaccine we all needed: Shraddha Sharma

Join RJ Kay in conversation with YourStory's founder & CEO Shraddha Sharma who talks about the importance of meditation, the break we got in 2020 and how she started YourStory ... Read more

15 Jun38 MINS
Luke Coutinho: What you do is what you have

It is our attitude at the beginning of any task that can change its direction. If we are positive, we are prone to see opportunities instead of obstacles. Join RJ Jane in conversa ... Read more

09 Jun35 MINS
Kabeer Biswas: Lead not by title but by example

Join RJ kay in a conversation with Kabeer Biswas to know about his journey from engagement to empowerment to build the successful Dunzo network. Read more

01 Jun26 MINS
Raj Shamani : Keep creating till you win

A guy who started his business at a tender age by borrowing money from his father to a successful entrepreneur slash business content creator now. Ladies and gentlemen, that's Raj ... Read more

25 May34 MINS


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