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Nasha Masterstroke

In this podcast, RJ Sandeep regales us with nostalgic moments of our cricketing past. Tune in for cricket trivia, dressing room stories and more! This is a Radio Nasha production, brought to you by HT Smartcast....

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Nasha Masterstroke
Nasha Masterstroke
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133 Episodes

In this episode, Atul Wassan talks about the one historical match and why it was a turning point for Indian Cricket Team. Tune in to find out more interesting facts.

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132 S3E46 Captain Cool's Starting Journey
131 S3E45 India tour of Pakistan
20 Aug 2020
20 Aug9 MINS
130 S3E44 Natwest Trophy
18 Aug 2020
18 Aug8 MINS
129 S3E43 Border Gavaskar Trophy
17 Aug 2020
17 Aug11 MINS
128 S3E41 King of Tests - Mark Bearly
14 Aug 2020
14 Aug11 MINS
126 S3E39 Master Mind of Windies - Clive Lloyd
125 S3E38 Captain Cool - Steve Waugh
10 Aug 2020
10 Aug9 MINS
124 S3E37 Run Out Expert - Herschelle Gibbs
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