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That Hit Different

That Hit Different

HT Smartcast Originals

You, the GenZ Gang!! Do you believe that no one else is having quite as hard of a time as you? Do you also turn to TV shows & movies when you feel stressed or overwhelmed? If your answer is Yas, That Hit Different is a podcast you want to make time for. Join in for a roller-coaster ride packed with laughs by the best friends duo Ankita & Sai, who try to untangle Adulting while they binge on TV shows. Happy Cribbing! Sorry Listening*. This is an HTSmartcast Original.

That Hit Different
That Hit Different
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Available Episodes

The golden era of TV Shows we forgot about
07 May 2022

Imagine you're in school having a horrible day, right when you come home, tired and gloomy, your mom makes you a glass of glucon-D and you turn on the television and shring vring s ... Read more

07 May23 MINS
Why every office needs a boss like Michael Scott
22 Apr 2022

Hello, Dunder Mifflin, this is an EMERGENCY. Our manager resigned. Can we steal Michael Scott for our company ‘cus isn’t he like the BEST BOSS EVER? Or, Is he? Tune in to this ... Read more

22 Apr19 MINS
Three Conspiracy Theories on Will Smith-Chris Rock Slapgate
09 Apr 2022

While we netizens were busy enjoying the Oscars 2022 triggered meme fest about Will Smith’s slap, there was one well-deserved top honor of the night that got overshadowed amidst ... Read more

09 Apr15 MINS
Life Changing Reminders that Tamasha failed at giving us
01 Apr 2022

Do you feel miserable at your job but are too afraid to take a career leap? Do you think it's too late for you to find your true calling? Ever wanted to run away from all the city ... Read more

01 Apr21 MINS
Why do we fall | Was the Batman a bummer?
26 Mar 2022

Why do we fall? Well, we can bet on all the batman fans to answer that one. But, why are we afraid to fall? That’s some food for thought, no? This episode is the hero everyone de ... Read more

26 Mar19 MINS
Why your girl bestie is the real superwoman of your life
11 Mar 2022

Hey girl-gang! Are you also having a hard time juggling between Pyaar, Dosti, and Career? Does your natural urge to always be available to all your friends sometimes end up mentall ... Read more

11 Mar20 MINS
Can you learn how to self love from Sheldon Cooper?
04 Mar 2022

Ok, It’s truth-o-clock. Tell me, do you get butterflies when posting on social media fearing what your followers would think? Ever felt that you’re losing yourself in order to ... Read more

04 Mar23 MINS
How Romantic Comedies have ruined our love life
26 Feb 2022

Does your idea of romance stem from all the romcoms you watch? Have you ever fallen out of love and then fallen in love with the same person again? Do you believe there’s an Adit ... Read more

26 Feb30 MINS
The Curse of the FOMO with the HIMYM gang
18 Feb 2022

Have you ever poured yourself a drink just to fit in and not be a party pooper? Do you think it's okay to stay friends with your best friend’s ex? Did you ever force yourself int ... Read more

18 Feb23 MINS