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The Best Podcast for Mental Health and Well Being

Mann Ki ABC- Mental Health Podcast by Anshuma Kshetrapal
Mann Ki ABC- Mental Health Podcast by Anshuma Kshetrapal

Mann Ki ABC Podcast – A Unique way to seek Therapy for better Mental Health

The modern world is bursting at the seams with stress. Thus it is pivotal that we seek professional help when we need it, to manage our mental health well. But many people in India hesitate to go for therapy due to the social construct of the country. Fortunately, there is another way out. 

It has been observed that mostly, people in need of therapy just need a person to be a guide for them, telling them how they should respond to negativities. They need someone to tell them how they can quit bad habits or end their constant overthinking loop or boost their self-esteem to become more confident. Mann Ki ABC Podcast aims to be this guide to great mental health for the current generation. It is one of the best Mental Health and Well Being Podcast out there. 

The host of Mann Ki ABC Podcast, Anshuma Kshetrapal is a psychotherapist and a Meditation Coach. Due to her years of experience in the field, she understands the modern plague of perpetual stress very well. In this mental health podcast, she shares some very effective mindfulness tips and meditation practices that have worked well for her patients.These tips can help us ground, calm and focus ourselves. 

Anshuma makes sure that those who follow along with her daily, will learn to make peace with the happenings of their day-to day lives rather than trying to control it. A few important topics which are addressed in the Mann Ki ABC Podcast are Self-Esteem, Job Stress, Insomnia and Loneliness. All of these subjects are picked up in a very natural and unclichéd way so that the listeners do not feel uncomfortable. 

Anshuma as it turns out is a great guide and storyteller as well. When she shares anecdotes, people often feel intrigued to dig deeper and understand the beautiful mechanics of the mind and social psychology. 

Mann Ki ABC: Best Podcast to listen to before sleep

The time before sleep is the time to reflect upon the day’s activities. Science confirms that many people find themselves getting sunk into a loop of overthinking during night time. And if one fails to end the day on a positive note, then it can become very difficult to get a restful sleep.

We can swear by the Mann Ki ABC Podcast and Anshuma’s great storytelling skills to get a restful sleep. The podcast includes guided meditation, reflective activities, meditative sounds and motivational content, all in one single episode. It is soothing enough to put you to a good night’s sleep. 

It is humbling to know that many have observed a  noticeable difference in their perspective and attitude towards life, not to mention their sleep quality after a few days of listening to this podcast. After all, this podcast was tailor-made for the millennials and the GenZ who undergo massive stress at work, in schools or in colleges everyday. It allows them to release the tension and to calm themselves to their very core. 

You can try out Anshuma’s best tips and practices today, by listening to the Mann Ki ABC Podcast. Woh kya hai na, Mann Ki ABC samajh lo toh life thodhi aur easy ho jayegi.



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