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Mann Ki ABC

Mann Ki ABC

HT Smartcast Originals

Has the hustle-bustle of your daily life left you stressed out? Are you feeling anxious? First, know that it’s completely okay to not be okay. And then know that Host Anshuma Kshetrapal, Psychotherapist and Meditation Coach, is here to help you feel better.Mann ki ABC is all about making your mental health a priority. Tune in for some mindfulness tips, guided meditation practices, and inspiring interviews that may just ground, calm, and focus you. Woh kya hai na, Mann ki ABC samajh lo toh life thodi aur easy ho jayegi.

Mann Ki ABC
Mann Ki ABC
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Available Episodes

Z For Zest
19 Jul 2022

Do you believe in living life to the fullest and making the most of every day? A sense of excitement, anticipation, and energy is an essential element that nurtures our soul, gives ... Read more

19 Jul18 MINS
Y se Yearning
05 Jul 2022

As humans, we are always yearning either to go back to the past or think of the future, in this thought process of the past and future we even forget to live in the moment. And whe ... Read more

05 Jul17 MINS
X for X factor | How to understand your own self better?
26 Jun 2022

In the world we are living in, we are always trying to be better, trying to be better than others, trying to be someone we are not in order to please the society. We try to have th ... Read more

26 Jun14 MINS
W for Worry | Listen to your thoughts
15 Jun 2022

Worrying is a function and through it, our heart is giving us an indication. How to listen to your heart, mind, and body and understand them deep enough to make impactful decisions ... Read more

15 Jun15 MINS
V For Value System | Importance Of Values
05 Jun 2022

The moment we're all born, we inherit the value system of our family & community. With our own experiences and learnings, we begin to accommodate the established values, norms, ... Read more

05 Jun18 MINS
U For Unconscious Mind | Is there an unconscious guiding you and your consciousness?
23 May 2022

In this episode of Mann ki ABC, host Anshuma Kshetrapal discusses in-depth about the unconscious mind and the role it plays in our day-to-day lives. She also very beautifully highl ... Read more

23 May15 MINS
T For Trust | How have your experiences with trust been?
19 Apr 2022

Trust is not merely a word, its an emotion. An emotion of safety, emotion of comfort. We all have trusted something or someone at some point of time, so what does a sense of comfor ... Read more

19 Apr17 MINS
S For Self Esteem | Do you like what you know about yourself?
09 Apr 2022

In the race of trying to please everyone, are you pleased with yourself? In the fast running day to day life, do you take a pause & think of yourself? Its important to love and ... Read more

09 Apr18 MINS
R for Rest | Allow Yourself To Rest
03 Apr 2022

Almost everyone has felt exhausted at some point, but how many times do we refrain from resting because we think it's unproductive or unimportant? Social pressures, demanding bosse ... Read more

03 Apr15 MINS
Q for Queerness | Is being Queer really a choice ?
20 Mar 2022

What is Queerness? Is sexual orientation or gender identity a choice or it's biologically determined? What it's like to be termed "different" or not normative by society? and how d ... Read more

20 Mar27 MINS
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