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Adventures Of An Underdog

Adventures Of An Underdog

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You might have begun your 1st job or are looking for your 2nd promotion. You could also be seriously considering a career change or a career break. No matter where you are in your professional journey, there are some questions related to the corporate world - its system, values and culture, that might plague you. For which you haven't yet received holistic answers. These answers are what this podcast is all about. Here Suchita Dantre, HR head, Fever FM - the expert - and Subhalakshmi Ramalingan, Executive Producer, Fever Chennai - the underdog - discuss all things corporate, unabashedly. Tune in to learn from this unchartered adventure of an underdog in this big fat corporate world!

Adventures Of An Underdog
Adventures Of An Underdog
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Available Episodes

What is the Right Time to Take a Feedback?
11 May 2022

Feedbacks are really important for an intern's smooth and efficient contribution to an organization. When to ask for feedback, how to go about it and who is the right person to tak ... Read more

11 May26 MINS
Work-From-Home or Work-From-Office? What's your preference ?
05 May 2022

Work-From-Home has been full of mixed reactions from employees worldwide, but what did organizations do to help their employees during the time of #wfh? Pandemic showed us how comp ... Read more

05 May30 MINS
Importance of Employee Induction
28 Apr 2022

Employee induction is an effective and efficient means of outlining workplace policies and procedures to new starters, providing specific information new employees need to know the ... Read more

28 Apr21 MINS
Should I take a Gap Year? | The Pros and Cons
20 Apr 2022

Should I take a gap year? Is gap year a waste of time? Does the corporate world neglect hiring freshers with a gap year in their resumes? What is expected of a new joinee from a c ... Read more

20 Apr23 MINS
Landing your first job | How to reach out to people?
07 Apr 2022

Now, you know the key points that you need to keep in mind while making a resume and you also know how to prepare yourself for an interview. But, how do you reach out for the perfe ... Read more

07 Apr21 MINS
What to do? | How to apply for a job?
30 Mar 2022

How can one apply for a job? What to write in a resume? Who reads these resumes or CVs? How are candidates shortlisted? How many rounds of elimination does a jobber need to go thr ... Read more

30 Mar20 MINS