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Interact to Impact

Interact to Impact

HT Smartcast Originals

In this podcast, RJ Supriya speaks to leaders of communities and small businesses from across India, who took their initiatives to new heights using various platforms offered by Meta.

They share their experience about, how Meta enabled them to help connect with people and grow their communities and businesses using apps like Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp to further empower billions around the world. Through these interactions, Supriya brings to you, stories of inspiration. These leaders took an idea and turned it into empowered action, building and promoting their businesses along the way.
These businesses and communities are growing each day and making a positive impact in society. Listen in, as they talk about their journey of growth and impact.

This podcast is an HT Smartcast Original powered by Meta.

Interact to Impact
Interact to Impact
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Every flower has the power to empower livelihoods in this community

In this episode, RJ Supriya speaks to Apurv Misal, Head of Marketing and Sales at visit to the bank of river Ganga turned the keen eyes of the founders of to ... Read more

27 Dec22 MINS
The art of farming is infact an engineering innovation at this Start-Up

In this episode, RJ Supriya speaks to Siddharth Dialani, Co-founder of BharatAgri.We all know that agriculture is the backbone of our economy but very few young people from citie ... Read more

27 Dec11 MINS
Members of this community are the real bosses of rural India

In this episode, RJ Supriya speaks to Gauri Gopal Agrawal, founder of Sirohi.If every person in rural India was given a chance to hone their skills, then Sirohi would account for ... Read more

24 Dec18 MINS
This community is aiding financial inclusivity and independence for Indian women

In this episode, RJ Supriya speaks with Priti Rathi Gupta, Founder of BeingLXME. A community by the name, BeingLXME is a platform where women can learn to take charge of their own ... Read more

22 Dec21 MINS
Snacking on classics with Omay foods

In this episode, RJ Supriya talks to Vijay Katta, Founder of Omay Foods. He tells us about his methods of making snacks using classic methods like salt roasting, eliminating the fr ... Read more

21 Dec21 MINS
Every shawl they make is a piece of luxurious warmth and heritage

In this episode, RJ Supriya speaks with Pranav Dev Malhotra, Managing Director at Pashtush Shawls. He says that shawls are an investment for posterity. They are pieces of nostalgia ... Read more

20 Dec24 MINS
This female community from Pune is breaking the barriers of entrepreneurship

In this episode, RJ Supriya speaks to Sonia Agarwal Konjeti who is the founder of Pune Ladies (PULA). This large group of ladies from Pune came together so that they could learn fr ... Read more

15 Dec18 MINS
These IITians say that Farming is a proud profession

In this episode, RJ Supriya speaks to Aayushi Khandelwal who along with her partners started the Anveshan revolution. The desire to empower Indian farmers, and add value to their p ... Read more

14 Dec16 MINS
GurgaonMoms lead the way together

In this episode, RJ Supriya shows you a thriving community that is empowering women and celebrating their success. What started as a medium to bring together mothers and would-be-m ... Read more

13 Dec24 MINS
Finding your diabetes support network with Nupur Lalvani

In this episode, Nupur Lalvani - Founder Director at Blue Circle Diabetes Foundation speaks about her goal of debunking myths around diabetes and how her own journey with the illne ... Read more

11 Dec21 MINS