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Interact to Impact

In this podcast, RJ Supriya speaks to leaders of communities and small businesses from across India, who took their initiatives to new heights using v arious platforms offered by Meta. They share their experience about, how Meta enabled them to help connect with people and grow their communities and businesses using apps like Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp to further empower billions around the world. Through these interactions, Supriya brings to you, stories of inspiration. These leaders took an idea and turned it into empowered action, building and promoting their businesses along the way. These businesses and communities are growing each day and making a positive impact in society. Listen in, as they talk about their journey of growth and impact. This podcast is an HT Smartcast Original powered by Meta....

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Interact to Impact
Interact to Impact
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In this episode, RJ Supriya speaks to Apurv Misal, Head of Marketing and Sales at A visit to the bank of river Ganga turned the keen eyes of the founders of to the floral waste in ...

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