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The Working Life

The Working Life

Mint - HT Smartcast

In the last three years, the relationship between an employer and an employee can at best be described as - mercurial. In the first two years of the pandemic, we tip-toed into each other’s private spaces and soon the office and the home shared the same room. Healthcare benefits, leave and employee engagement policies were overhauled as Covid raged. But once markets opened up, the equations became testy. Employees swiftly changed their loyalties and companies outmanoeuvred one another to retain talent. Then again, the tide turned as global markets and war put brakes on all future plans. Now, the employer had the upper hand and what followed was a series of layoffs, freezing of perks and hushed anxiety enveloping the office corridors. Over the next few episodes of The Working Life, We will talk to HR heads, compensation specialists, diversity experts and employees about how the relationship with our workplaces has changed. And will try to find out how companies are redrawing every strategy to retain their best talent and attract the new crop of young workforce who have a whole different expectation from their jobs.Tune in with Devina Sengupta to The Working Life to know more.

The Working Life
The Working Life
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Available Episodes

Why India Inc wants to head back to office?
30 Mar 2023

India Inc is returning to its workstations and that too willingly. In one of the major surprises across sectors, companies are noticing that they do not have to push their manpower ... Read more

30 Mar17 MINS
S3E6 | India Inc's hunt for the right attrition
24 Mar 2023

Global tech and internet giants - Amazon, Meta, Google , Microsoft have retrenched thousands of employees adding to the recessionary waves not just in the West but even at home. In ... Read more

24 Mar16 MINS
S3E5 | Tata Steel and the third gender
16 Mar 2023

Diversity is complicated. India Inc has been trying for many years to get more women on its payrolls. But, an equal gender ratio remains a dream for most firms. However, corporates ... Read more

16 Mar26 MINS
S3E4 | India Inc bats for insurance cover drive
10 Mar 2023

An interesting job profile and compensation aside, employees are demanding companies roll out insurance covers that go beyond basic healthcare. This includes insurance for mental h ... Read more

10 Mar22 MINS
S3E3 | India Inc’s absent and invisible gender
02 Mar 2023

The hybrid work regime has taken its toll on women who had to straddle home and work much more than their male counterparts. Diversity experts were alarmed to see that when markets ... Read more

02 Mar22 MINS
S3E2 | Wipro's tryst with Tech Talent
23 Feb 2023

What does it take to keep talent focused when rivals are ready with counter offers and employee costs are burgeoning? Wipro's CHRO Saurabh Govil discloses how HR teams of IT compan ... Read more

23 Feb25 MINS
S3E1 | The offer letter decoded
16 Feb 2023

Since the pandemic, India Inc has had to overhaul its salary and benefits structure to attract and retain employees. The counter offers, flexible benefits and wooing of talent have ... Read more

16 Feb28 MINS
S2E13 | How has the pandemic impacted the lives of performers
28 Jan 2021

Performance artists have all have had reinvent themselves and find new ways to engage with their audience to be relevant in the new normal. Read more

28 Jan19 MINS
S2E12 | How working from home has increased injuries
20 Jan 2021

From eye strain and neck pain due to working from a make-shift desk to working out unassisted—the lockdown has seen a rise in physical injuries. Experts advice how to avoid them. T ... Read more

20 Jan13 MINS
S2E11 | Will Google's employee union inspire Indian tech workers
14 Jan 2021

The perception of union is changing, with the demands now being not just limited to higher wages, better work conditions, etc. but also larger societal issues. Read more

14 Jan12 MINS
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