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The Working Life

The Working Life

Mint - HT Smartcast

In the last three years, the relationship between an employer and an employee can at best be described as - mercurial. In the first two years of the pandemic, we tip-toed into each other’s private spaces and soon the office and the home shared the same room. Healthcare benefits, leave and employee engagement policies were overhauled as Covid raged. But once markets opened up, the equations became testy. Employees swiftly changed their loyalties and companies outmanoeuvred one another to retain talent. Then again, the tide turned as global markets and war put brakes on all future plans. Now, the employer had the upper hand and what followed was a series of layoffs, freezing of perks and hushed anxiety enveloping the office corridors. Over the next few episodes of The Working Life, We will talk to HR heads, compensation specialists, diversity experts and employees about how the relationship with our workplaces has changed. And will try to find out how companies are redrawing every strategy to retain their best talent and attract the new crop of young workforce who have a whole different expectation from their jobs.

Tune in with Devina Sengupta to The Working Life to know more.

The Working Life
The Working Life
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Available Episodes

Can upskilling retain high performers when wage hike isn't enough?

How are companies looking beyond wage hike to retain the high performer? As India Inc enters the appraisal cycles, firms are scampering to get coaches, personalized upskilling prog ... Read more

23 Nov27 MINS
India Inc ups outplacement services as layoffs increase

Firms are resorting to outplacement services to help laid-off employees find another job and protect the company’s brand image. In this episode of The Working Life, Hardeep Singh, ... Read more

16 Nov23 MINS
Manpower crisis in the alco-bev industry

The alco-bev industry may be maturing in India but getting the right tasters, the digital and marketing experts poses a big challenge. In this episode of The Working Life, Nitu Bhu ... Read more

09 Nov28 MINS
Are mid-tier IT firms better placed to handle manpower crisis?

While IT giants are struggling to bring down wage costs and are on a cost cutting spree, the mid-tier companies had not gone over-board during the recruitment frenzy. In today's ep ... Read more

02 Nov26 MINS
How did FY24 become IT's worst year?

Demand for IT services has slumped amid a global slowdown. FY24 could turn out to be the worst year for IT sector hiring in a long time. Prasadh M.S., head of workforce research an ... Read more

26 Oct20 MINS
Does India Inc give due credit to women returning after a break?

Companies want women to return after their maternity break but give them jobs that are not challenging enough. Swetha Totapally-Regional Director for Asia-Pacific for Dalberg Advis ... Read more

19 Oct27 MINS
The Missing women in festive hiring

E-commerce, retail and hospitality sector increase their temp workforce during the festive season. But how many of these hires are women? In today's episode of The Working Life, ec ... Read more

12 Oct22 MINS
Will the talent war in IT restart?

Have the days of moonlighters, employee retention and big hikes all in the past? In this episode of The Working Life Aditya Narayan Mishra, MD of recruitment firm CIEL HR Services ... Read more

06 Oct19 MINS
Tracking Talent Transition

Companies transitioning from traditional energy sources to newer ones are facing a talent crisis. Amidst high attrition, Praveen Purohit deputy CHRO at Vedanta Group explains in t ... Read more

29 Sep21 MINS
How to handle multi-gen workforce?

Traditional and core sector firms are reworking policies, compensation, benefits to attract and retain a younger workforce. At the same time, they have to ensure the senior executi ... Read more

21 Sep26 MINS
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