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The Working Life

The Working Life

Mint - HT Smartcast

In the last three years, the relationship between an employer and an employee can at best be described as - mercurial. In the first two years of the pandemic, we tip-toed into each other’s private spaces and soon the office and the home shared the same room. Healthcare benefits, leave and employee engagement policies were overhauled as Covid raged. But once markets opened up, the equations became testy. Employees swiftly changed their loyalties and companies outmanoeuvred one another to retain talent. Then again, the tide turned as global markets and war put brakes on all future plans. Now, the employer had the upper hand and what followed was a series of layoffs, freezing of perks and hushed anxiety enveloping the office corridors. Over the next few episodes of The Working Life, We will talk to HR heads, compensation specialists, diversity experts and employees about how the relationship with our workplaces has changed. And will try to find out how companies are redrawing every strategy to retain their best talent and attract the new crop of young workforce who have a whole different expectation from their jobs.

Tune in with Devina Sengupta to The Working Life to know more.

The Working Life
The Working Life
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Available Episodes

Can maternity leave affect women's career growth

Returning to work after a maternity break is a battle for many women. India Inc is grappling with how to make the employees feel welcomed and get the team acclimatized as well. In ... Read more

17 May25 MINS
How does placement team of IIM- Ahmedabad work?

One would think that Placements at India's premier business schools is a cakewalk. Professor Viswanath Pingali chairperson placements at India's top B-school IIM-Ahmedabad decipher ... Read more

03 May25 MINS
Is it a good time to switch jobs or take career break ?

All of us have some point in our careers wanted to take a break but for most of us, the idea never took root. Is there ever a right time to take that plunge? Head for higher studie ... Read more

13 Apr22 MINS
Why India Inc should worry about Manosphere ?

While India Inc is trying to achieve diversity in workplace , a worrying trend is developing that may push back a lot of the work done in bringing in gender parity . Social media i ... Read more

08 Apr25 MINS
What are the hikes, promotions & bonuses in 2024?

It is that time of the year when relations between employers and employees can get a bit strained. In this episode of The Working Life, Mint’s Devina Sengupta and Prakhar Tripathi ... Read more

30 Mar21 MINS
What goes behind B-school rankings ?

A top B-schools needs to have a faculty strength known globally for their teaching and research work, alumni with strong corporate relations and a diverse set of students who are t ... Read more

23 Mar26 MINS
Arundhati Bhattacharya on Work, Safety, and Self-Advocacy

In this episode, host Devina engages in a conversation with Arundhati Bhattacharya, Chairperson & CEO of Salesforce India and former Chairperson of SBI. Arundhati delves into t ... Read more

15 Mar27 MINS
S4 | Ep. 1 Get Set Work

The appraisal season has started and while companies are trying to retain their best talent, employees are testing the waters. Amid the tug-o-war, retaining and attracting women re ... Read more

08 Mar29 MINS
How to tame the Dragon in 2024

According to the Chinese zodiac calendar, 2024 will be the year of the dragon symbolized by bold moves, aggression and power . If India Inc too manages to mirror these traits , wha ... Read more

28 Dec25 MINS
How to build talent pipeline beyond 2024

Tata Communications is absorbing talent that is skilled in AI, IoT, product management, security to build pipeline beyond 2024 and compete with both telecom service providers and ... Read more

21 Dec26 MINS
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