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Millennial Mama

Millennial Mama

HT Smartcast Originals

All new babies are unique. And so are their mamas. But the fact that every new mama is different from the other is often forgotten. Sanchi Nasta Ray is here to change this narrative by offering support via expert opinions, by creating a judgment-free zone and sharing her own epic fails with her 18-month-old, baby Alaia. Join her on this absolutely crazy, ever-so-demanding yet rewarding ride called motherhood!  This is an HT Smartcast Original.

Millennial Mama
Millennial Mama
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Available Episodes

5: Our Parenting Journey ft. My Husband Sanjeet Ray
13 Aug 2020

 In this episode, Sanchi and Sanjeet reminisce about their journey as first-time parents. It’s a candid, no-holds-barred approach to their wins and failures and what they’ve learnt ... Read more

13 Aug17 MINS
4: A First Time Mom’s Journey Of Beating Breast Cancer
06 Aug 2020

In this episode, Sanchi Nasta Ray chats with Bhumika Nasta, a first-time mama and breast cancer survivor. She opens up about her journey, the good and bad and coming out on the oth ... Read more

06 Aug16 MINS
3: Basics of Breastfeeding ft. Lactation Expert Dr. Mugdha Joshi
30 Jul 2020

In this episode, Sanchi Nasta Ray talks to Dr. Mugdha Joshi, a Lactation Consultant from Mumbai. They discuss the A-Z of breastfeeding, how to get started, keep up with it and what ... Read more

30 Jul17 MINS
2: Discovering Your Unique Parenting Style | Gentle Parenting
23 Jul 2020

In this episode, Sanchi Nasta talks to a fellow mama and a journalist, Stuti Agarwal. They discuss the importance of finding your unique parenting style, why they prefer gentler pa ... Read more

23 Jul16 MINS
1: The many firsts of Motherhood
16 Jul 2020

So, who is this new mama on the block? And why is she doing this podcast? What do new mamas like (hopefully) you set to gain from it? Come join Sanchi @sanchinasta as she introduce ... Read more

16 Jul12 MINS
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