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HT media: Covid-19 Audio Coverage

HT media: Covid-19 Audio Coverage

HT Smartcast Originals

Considering the spread of Novel Coronavirus and its consequences, HT Smartcast has compiled a list of its most popular episodes about the pandemic, from January till today. These have been covered by some of the most renowned journalists from HT media.HT Media: Covid-19 Audio Coverage will provide a glimpse into the trajectory of the illness and how it affects multiple sectors of daily life in India. So that you can make better-informed decisions about your future.This is an HT Smartcast Original, brought to you by HT Smartcast.

HT media: Covid-19 Audio Coverage
HT media: Covid-19 Audio Coverage
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Available Episodes

Samanth Subramanian on India’s Vaccine Conundrum
09 Jul 2021

One of the enduring puzzles about the tragic second wave of COVID is how India, the world’s largest vaccine producer, faces an alarming shortage of vaccines.A new essay by the j ... Read more

09 Jul48 MINS
Delta Plus Variant EXPLAINED
09 Jul 2021

The new Delta plus variant has been formed due to a mutation in the Delta or B.1.617.2 variant, first identified in India and one of the drivers of the deadly second wave. Tune in ... Read more

09 Jul5 MINS
Busting myths around vaccine side-effects
08 Jul 2021

In this episode, Rohini & Sachin talks about a viral message stating that a person should not take any anaesthesia injections after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine & they al ... Read more

08 Jul19 MINS
Niha Masih on Reporting on India's COVID-19 Crisis
08 Jul 2021

In India, there are growing signs that the country is slowly exiting the second wave of the COVID crisis as people get back to work, localities lift lockdown restrictions, and mark ... Read more

08 Jul32 MINS
Could Covid deaths be 10 times the declared number?
08 Jul 2021

In the latest episode of On The Record, Hindustan Times’ Sunetra Choudhury speaks with Professor Chinmay Tumbe on the number of Covid-19 deaths in India. Tumbe, The author of a hig ... Read more

08 Jul21 MINS
Maharashtra government extends lockdown to June 15
31 May 2021

Even as Maharashtra’s Covid19 cases over the past few days have fallen, the state government has extended the ongoing lockdown by two more weeks, until 7 am on June 15.Tune in to ... Read more

31 May5 MINS
When to get vaccinated post covid and Black Fungus- Dr Faheem Younus Answers our questions
20 May 2021

Chief of infectious diseases, University of Maryland Dr Faheem Younus talks to Hindustan Times' Sunetra Choudhury about Black Fungus and why it is ok to trust the government when ... Read more

20 May33 MINS
Frequently Asked Questions on COVID-19 Vaccine
10 May 2021

We have entered the third phase of vaccination and we all have several questions in our minds regarding the same, so in this episode of WhatsApp University Rohini and Sachin answer ... Read more

10 May36 MINS
Does health insurance cover home hospitalisation?
10 May 2021

The surge in covid cases has put intense pressure on hospitals and more and more people have no option but to opt for home hospitalisation. Amidst this, a lot of families are cluel ... Read more

10 May5 MINS
Donate blood after 14 days of your Covid-19 jab
07 May 2021

People who will receive any of the two Covid-19 vaccines available in the country can now donate blood after 14 days. The blood donation deferral period for the vaccine was revised ... Read more

07 May3 MINS
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