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HT media: Covid-19 Audio Coverage

HT media: Covid-19 Audio Coverage

HT Smartcast Originals

Considering the spread of Novel Coronavirus and its consequences, HT Smartcast has compiled a list of its most popular episodes about the pandemic, from January till today. These have been covered by some of the most renowned journalists from HT media.

HT Media: Covid-19 Audio Coverage will provide a glimpse into the trajectory of the illness and how it affects multiple sectors of daily life in India. So that you can make better-informed decisions about your future.

This is an HT Smartcast Original, brought to you by HT Smartcast.

HT media: Covid-19 Audio Coverage
HT media: Covid-19 Audio Coverage
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Available Episodes

4: 13.02.2020 | Impact of Corona virus on the tech world

Around mid-February, Coronavirus has begun to show it's affected on the tech world. Resident Tech-xpert, Prasid Banerjee @undertecher spoke about that among other things like - Eur ... Read more

26 Mar7 MINS
3: 12.02.2020 | Coronavirus lockdown in China gums up the works

With the Coronavirus making headlines, supply chains across the world, economies and entire nations were distressed by a seemingly minuscule problem. Editors @ajaxiom and @sunitaro ... Read more

26 Mar8 MINS
2: 03.02.2020 | Fear factor in markets: How Coronavirus impacts India?

Back in early, February global investors, especially in Asia, became anxious about the coronavirus outbreak. Markets with the greatest number of infections faced pressure. There wa ... Read more

26 Mar15 MINS
1: 24.01.2020 | Are we prepared to deal with the Novel Coronavirus outbreak?

Back in January, Coronavirus had claimed just 17 lives and infected hundreds. Wuhan, China was in lockdown. Several other countries, including India, were screening passengers comi ... Read more

26 Mar9 MINS
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