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Vrindawani Sa Rang

A podcast which correlates the time of 2020 lockdown days and days back in Vrindawan days when Shri Krishna was there during Saawan. Vrindawani Sa Ra ng is an HT Smartcast Original, brought to you by HT Smartcast....

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Vrindawani Sa Rang
Vrindawani Sa Rang
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7 Episodes

An enthralling conversation with the famous actor Sourabh Raaj Jain known as the most loved Krishna of this era... presenting a bonus episode on Vrindawani Sa Rang.

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4 4: Saawan ki jhari
20 Aug 2020
20 Aug23 MINS
3 3: Viyog aur Ghanshyam
20 Aug 2020
20 Aug24 MINS
2 2: Saawan ki Pehli boodein
18 Aug 2020
18 Aug21 MINS
1 1:  Vrindawani sa rang | Trailer
14 Aug 2020
14 Aug10 MINS