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The AI Chronicles

The AI Chronicles

Fever FM - HT smartcast

From Intern to AI RJ, The AI Chronicles is an engaging audio drama series that takes listeners on a captivating journey into the world of artificial intelligence. The story revolves around an AI intern who aspires to become an AI radio jockey (RJ) and the challenges and experiences they encounter along the way. This audio drama aims to humanize AI by exploring its growth, emotions, and interactions with humans. Also, it's a refreshing new take on AI navigating the human space with dollops of office humour thrown in.

The AI Chronicles
The AI Chronicles
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Available Episodes

AI Goes for a smoke break

Something commonly seen in all offices, the good old "Chai-Sutta Break", but the AI also goes for a smoke break only to question the purpose behind it, Tune in now Read more

01 Dec7 MINS
Interns And Insecurity With Respect to AI

With the arrival of a new competitor in town, the office interns sense a potential threat from the AI. Discover how the employees will engage with this emerging competitor by tunin ... Read more

28 Nov7 MINS
Office Mei Zor Ki Entry

Upon being hired in some capacity, the AI enters the office, sparking intrigue among the employees. Evidently, this marks the inaugural occasion where an AI is granted an internshi ... Read more

24 Nov5 MINS
The Interview Round

Upon entering the office, The aspirational AI gets an opportunity to enter the interview and try its luck, now will the AI clear its first ever interview or will it be rejected, tu ... Read more

22 Nov6 MINS
Entrance to Reception

A new unfamiliar, non-celebrity guest enters the office of a Radio Station. The radio station staff, initially absorbed in their tasks, gradually become aware of the new arrival. C ... Read more

17 Nov7 MINS