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Tech For Change

Tech For Change

Radio One - HT Smartcast

Very often technology is used for both, good and bad things. There is a constant flux between these two which can cause you to lose faith in technology. Tech for change will aim to restore that faith. Radio One radio host, Kay will introduce you to some innovative companies and go-getters who have used technology for the social good, social change and impact. Tune in to this podcast to find out how tech is changing the world for the better.This is a Radio One production, brought to you by HT Smartcast.

Tech For Change
Tech For Change
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Available Episodes

Making Investment In India's Start-up Ecosystem Accessible To Everyone!
21 Sep 2022

What did you do when you were 16? Goofed around, played, and joked? A child prodigy and two-time entrepreneur Krishna Maggo manages an online platform for startups to raise money. ... Read more

21 Sep14 MINS
India's 100th Unicorn & How They Did It!
13 Sep 2022

OPEN is a neo-banking startup based in Bengaluru that is focused on small businesses, enabling them to manage cash flows, automate accounting and get easy access to credit lines. T ... Read more

13 Sep15 MINS
How Reels are changing the way content is created on Instagram
07 Sep 2022

Meta (formerly Facebook) organised a creator meet-up in Bangalore, to celebrate creators from Karnataka, and the way they are using Reels as a global stage to grow and be discovere ... Read more

07 Sep16 MINS
Bagging the National Technology Business Incubator Award!
30 Aug 2022

Global warming is real and sustainable development is the only way around it and CCAMP is on a mission to bring it to life. The Bengaluru-based research foundation bagged the Nati ... Read more

30 Aug12 MINS
How can we remove the mundane tasks that hinder the creation of a start-up?
23 Aug 2022

So, you have decided to establish a start-up. You have presented your ideas to investors, you have the groundwork ready, as well as a list of potential employees. But where do you ... Read more

23 Aug18 MINS
Trends in Healthcare That You Never Saw Coming!
16 Aug 2022

Soraj Dhanai and A Vijayarajan founded Innaccel. The company uses Biodesign to identify and validate critical unmet needs in India through a 3-4 month clinical immersion at a partn ... Read more

16 Aug18 MINS
Building The Circular Economy Of Waste With Tech!
09 Aug 2022

Waste is the biggest problem that India is facing right now, and there are about 1.4 lakh tonnes of solid waste generated every day. Recykal, hopes to solve that problem by unlocki ... Read more

09 Aug25 MINS
The Carbon Finance Market Just Got A Tech Upgrade!
02 Aug 2022

With global warming and climate change being the most pressing issues today, businesses are hurrying up to reduce their carbon footprint. With this in mind, Saurabh Saraf and Ankit ... Read more

02 Aug22 MINS
The Future Of Safety In India Using Tech!
27 Jul 2022

In the past, there have been several accidents at places like construction sites and mines, which have all been caused by lack of safety infrastructure. These accidents cost people ... Read more

27 Jul15 MINS
'All Rise' For The New Tech In The Legal System!
19 Jul 2022

Legal processes in India can seem long, daunting and hopelessly complicated for the average person. 23-year-old lawyer Shreya Sharma took this on as a challenge and set out to simp ... Read more

19 Jul14 MINS
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