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Tech Time Traveller

Tech Time Traveller

HT Smartcast Originals

In a rapidly changing post-COVID-world, humanity will be even more dependent on Tech. It’s high time we understand this aspect of our lives, isn’t it? Our Tech Time Travelers, Vipin Kumar @vipincalypso, and Nimit Garg @nimitg86 bring to you not only the latest in tech but also its possible future. So, fasten your seat belts to possibly travel faster than the speed of light! This is an HT Smartcast Original, brought to you by HT Smartcast.

Tech Time Traveller
Tech Time Traveller
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Available Episodes

13: A one of a kind episode about how repairable your phones actually are...
21 Sep 2020

Your favourite tech time travellers Vipin and Nimit are back one last time for this season Finale... and they bring the most valuable analysis of all time... How repairable are yo ... Read more

21 Sep14 MINS
12: Would you put a chip in your brain to make it more efficient?
14 Sep 2020

The Tech Time Travellers bring you a cerebral experience literally! Stay tuned to find out how a chip in your brain could be a reality with Elon Musk’s Neuralink. Learn about this ... Read more

14 Sep13 MINS
11: Ever wondered how AI makes your Life Easier?
07 Sep 2020

Your trending tech time travellers are back with a smashing new episode. This time we figure out how Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning have made your life easy. Also, s ... Read more

07 Sep15 MINS
10: The history & future of personal gadgets : Smart wearables
02 Sep 2020

In this edition, your favorite Tech Time Travellers Nimit and Vipin discuss smart wearables, a personal gadget that has become the norm with smartwatches, and fitness bands, etc se ... Read more

02 Sep15 MINS
9: How does AR bring inanimate objects to life on your devices?
24 Aug 2020

It’s time to venture into a very interesting and fascinating space of Augmented Reality with your favourite Tech Time Travellers, Vipin and Nimit. In this episode you will know how ... Read more

24 Aug13 MINS
8: Save Money... upgrade your current MacBook with the help of the Tech Time Travellers!
17 Aug 2020

Your favourite tech time travellers never leave anything incomplete, it’s time for you to update your MacBooks for the fastest configuration now!! Listen to this episode of the Te ... Read more

17 Aug11 MINS
7: DIY upgrade tips Part 1| Mac Book Pro
10 Aug 2020

Your favorite tech time travelers Vipin and Nimit will share their expertise to upgrade your old MacBooks to the latest configuration. Find out how simple DIY tips will make your o ... Read more

10 Aug12 MINS
6: Are there aliens at the Area 51?
01 Aug 2020

Your favorite tech time travelers will take you to the controversial “Area 51”; where reality meets science fiction. The biggest question of all “Are there aliens at Area 51”... w ... Read more

01 Aug11 MINS
5: Tech Time Travels Beyond Life
24 Jul 2020

In this edition your favourite Tech Time Travellers Nimit and Vipin discuss life beyond death, a mysterious science of keeping a body alive after death called Cryonics will blow yo ... Read more

24 Jul10 MINS
4: Graphene Batteries | The future of keeping your smart devices powered!
17 Jul 2020

Your smartphone or tablet battery hardly lasts a day, right? Tech Time Travellers, Vipin & Nimit might have a solution. Peeking into the future of keeping your phones juiced up ... Read more

17 Jul10 MINS
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