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Reel It

Welcome to Reel it, a dope podcast in which Tara picks different situations from your favourite shows, connects them with the anecdotes from her life experiences and gives an easy-breezy life-positive message without sounding too preachy. So, are you ready to dive in? Lights! Camera! Reeling! This is an HT Smartcast Original....

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Reel It
Reel It
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10 Episodes
10 5 Reasons why we should be like Monica

Let's face it that we need a Monica in our life to have some control and discipline. Actually not just but Monica is more than a friend, a guide, a lover and a passionate and hardworking person. Tune ...

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9 The best of Ross and Rachel
13 Aug 2021
13 Aug7 MINS
8 The one where Rachel gets to know
31 Jul 2021
31 Jul6 MINS
7 The one where you learn to say NO
23 Jul 2021
23 Jul10 MINS
6 The one where fear pushes you
10 Jul 2021
10 Jul6 MINS
4 The one where you need a closure
25 Jun 2021
25 Jun6 MINS
3 The one where we learn to value space
2 The one where we listen to our heart
1 The One where we Grab a Spoon
27 May 2021
27 May6 MINS