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Top 10 Go-to podcast for entrepreneurs.

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The fact that entrepreneurship requires a lot of hustle needs no reiteration. Entrepreneurs need to stay at the top of everything, be it the latest developments in the industry or their competitors. These days excellent entrepreneurship podcasts are available which are a very good alternative to reading business books or business newspapers. 

The Great Indian Bandwagon

Branding is at the heart of businesses. If done right, branding gives a company a voice, a perspective, and a lifelong connection with their consumer. But, what does it mean to create a brand for a diverse country like India?  If that’s what you want to know, tune into The Great Indian Brandwagon Podcast.

Here, you will find a veteran brand consultant, Rutu Mody Kamdar sharing his work experiences of shaping some of the most iconic brands in India. 

Tell me how you did it – Entrepreneur Podcast

If you were to think about some of India’s finest brands – the kind that competes internationally and wins the battle hands down – what will be the first question to pop up in your head? Most probably it is going to be – Tell Me How You Did it? This is the genesis of Tell Me How You Did It Podcast where you can find celebrity journalist, Namrata Zakaria recounting candid journeys of homegrown companies that range from food, fashion, and film to home, art, and design.

Catch the founders of such innovative companies – who not only chased their own rainbows but also made India proud – telling us how exactly they did it! 

Pivot or Perish

You maybe have heard a million times that the era of the big reboot is now and that the old ways will have to change. But do you want to know how exactly is it that our industry is right now at the brink of a revolution?

If yes, then you can not miss the Mint Pivot or Perish Podcast. With conversations with business leaders across industries, it brings to you a playbook for the new normal after the Coronavirus pandemic

Startup Diaries

Do you want to know what a day in the life of a founder is like? Or maybe what lies next in a particular startup’s roadmap. Well, we don’t know about you, but this exactly what the host of Startup Diaries wants to know. 

Startup Diaries brings to you a founder’s entrepreneurial journey and plans ahead. Bringing amazing startups to the table, it gives listeners the feel of attending a startup’s strategy meeting.

The future of 

The COVID-19 pandemic created extraordinary barriers for businesses. But haven’t our great Indian startups have proved that necessity is the mother of invention.

The future of the world as we know it will be changed. Disruptive startups will be the ones leading the change.  But how?  @Shrijaagrawal from Mint will try to answer this question, by reimagining The Future of Everything.

The CEO of- A Startup Podcast

The podcast, The CEO of is what you can safely call the unicorn amongst all business podcasts! Where an eminent CEO & an iconic radio & podcast host get together to interview some of the biggest Captains of The Industry.

Get excited to see Ceo of HT Media Ltd, Ramesh Menon joining hands with popular Radio & Podcast host, Hrishikesh Kannan to copresent one of the most iconic business podcasts – The CEO of.

Be Brand Wise

Are you running out of ideas and inspiration to build a successful brand? Or confused about when and how to make the right investments? Or maybe not sure about when to scale up your business? Fret not, since Be Brand Wise Podcast has got you covered.

It brings to you eccentric entrepreneurs, corporate veterans, and startup gurus all under the same roof. Listen, get inspired, and follow the groundbreaking ideas & tips shared by the biggest names in the corporate world.  

Dreamers and Unicorns 2.0

A legendary startup is the dream of every entrepreneur. These dreams blossom into Unicorns. But, you know that not every Dream becomes a Unicorn. Most Unicorns die before becoming Market Shapers.

But fret not, Abhijit Bhaduri , a leadership coach and the author of the book ‘Dreamers and Unicorns’ is here to guide you on how to get started on the right foot. This will help you to avoid the most common mistakes which lie between your dream and a unicorn.

Leadership Lessons

If you want to hear from a leader who has been there, done that , do tune into Leadership Lessons Podcast where Swati Garg, Business Head at HT Smartcast, talks to leaders across industries about their journeys, their aspirations, and their challenges, and how they overcame them.

Mint Startup Inc. Podcast

If you are tired of reading or listening to podcasts chasing news on funding, valuation, acquisitions, and exits, then Mint Startup Inc Podcast has good news for you.

On this show, you will find host Shalini Umachandran carefully curating for you stories full of insights about startups, and how they’re changing the way we work and the way we live.



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